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Arrival video: Vacant church & commercial building fire in Los Angeles.

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Arrival video by firelensman of a vacant church and commercial building burning in Los Angeles. Here's part of the description with the video:

Task Force 33, Engine 46, Engine 57, Engine 21 Battalion 13 first on scene on the 5900 block of South Figueroa Street had heavy smoke pushing from a row of vacant one story commercial buildings including a vacant church. Firefighters quickly laid lines and attacked the fire with handlines, having the bulk of fire under control in 30 minutes.

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CA Los Angeles vacant church fire

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  • Engine5er

    Apparatus position, size-up, hose advancement, forible entry, ladders, venitlation, search and rescue, fire attack, safety, additional alarms . . . working with urgency . . .successful interior attack . . . perfect operation.  Will use this video as a benchmark for training.  Thanks!!

  • Volunteer for life

    look another LA video with guys on the roof or should I say many with no purpose.Why pull small line first? Should be multiple big lines. Call Kentland!

    • FMCH

      Obvious troll is obvious

      • Anonymous

        The volunteer is a major troll

    • TheGunny

      Thanks Chief Dicknuts, now go away, the adults are discussing things.

  • jack

    ^ please know what you are talking about before you leave a comment



    nice job good team work

  • Jerm169

    I just wonder why an engine passes a hydrant by 100 feet or so.  The second engine takes it and immediately stretches a line to the first so I would huess this is their SOP, but why use two engines when one would suffice.  This way the other engine could find another working hydrant.  Just an observation, I like the aggressive engine work though.  3 lines stretched almost immediately.

    • FFHinkle

      A lot of guys will always use a second pumper to reverse or hand stretch and relay through the primary pumper.  This way if the first pumper has a malfunction you have an additional pumper already connected that can just pump through the primary pumpers plumbing…  I know Memphis uses this very often.  It can add a little redundancy to the operation.  Pretty nice seeing some guys getting of the rig with a mission.  Each firefighter on that scene new their role, Impressive.

      • FFHinkle

        dangit, knew their role… not new

  • FOBS

    LAFD does it again, outstanding job.

  • fyrecapt

    Jerm: LAFD still uses hose wagons and the 2nd engine have been used to increase volume and pressure for a fire wth potential to go bigger.

  • Sally

    LA "City" is one of the best departments, if not the best large department in the country. This video shows why. Pull a large line first and run out of water before you get a hookup. Get some water on the fire with maneuverability and quickness and supplement with larger lines a few minutes later. 

  • Willmega06

    Awesome hustle!

  • Volunteer for life

    Really guys? I think we should be drug tested before posting. Big lines Big fire.It looked like a gift line at Macy,s during xmas with guys walking around. Jerm ever wonder why paid dept do what they do? Gotta peserve the jobs and  membership. Imagine if they had no EMS?

    • TheGunny

      Once again, the adults are talking here assmunch, go away.