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Raw video: Two homes burn in Brampton, Ontario.

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Video from LearnToFlyCA of a house fire in Brampton, Ontario on Thursday.

Pam Douglas,

Two Brampton homes were damaged in a fire this afternoon that appears to have started in a garage and spread to the neighbour's house, according to Brampton firefighters.

The two-car garage at 2 Copeland Road in the area of McLaughlin Road and Charolais Boulevard was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived just after 2 p.m. The homeowners were alerted to the blaze by someone pounding on their front door. A couple and their two adult children escaped unhurt.

But the fire spread into the home's second floor bedrooms, and through the roof.

CA ON Brampton two houses burn

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Comments - Add Yours

  • FMCH

    All Canadian videos start the pretty much the same. "Oh ya, look! Smoke/Fire eh?"

    • TheGunny

      Ya the hoouse next door is a goin, eh!


  • Fire21

    Personally I'd have set the first line on exposure protection.  It took them a bit of time to get around to that.

    Why did they set up either of those aerials?  Neither was in a decent position to affect anything, unless they were just setting up to drown the block.

    • Richard Criscione

      Fire 21 ,Bingo!
      Exposures, Exposures ,Exposures! Overall they knocked it down pretty fast BUT the second house should not have been allowed to burn as much as it did,requireing the amount of damage it sustained from water and fire.And why WERE the sticks up?? The deck gun was a good move but the first lines should have been on the "D" side,knocking the flames down , protecting the house that wasn't on fire.

  • JW

    old acronym – Rescue, EXPOSURE, Ventilation, Attack, Salvage  (R.E.V.A.S.)

    or: Rescue, EXPOSURE, Confinement, Extinguish, Overhaul.       (R.E.C.E.O.)

    Spraying water with an under-gallonage line on the opposite side of the exposure was not very productive/effective.

  • Anonymous

    Ladders were set up, and exposers were protected. Guys did a great job. The exposure has minimal damage. Nobody was hurt!

    • JW



    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure where you are getting "exposures were protected" because clearly the "D" exposure continued to burn AFTER the FD's arrival and I'm tired of the "nobody was hurt" phrase. If that's the only positive outcome that can be cited on an incident, you and your department better go back to the drawing board.

    • slackjawedyokel

      Setting the bar kind of low there arent you? if you start accepting mediocre results on the easy ones, its going to be twice as hard upping your game on the ones when every thing is trying to go South.

  • Sharppointy1

    ^^ Anonymous, I wouldn't br so sure about the "minimal damage" in the exposure.  There was enough smoke coming out of the roof that I'd be oncerned that there was real fire in the attic. Wonder if they ventilated the roof & if so, what they found.

  • BH

    Good job by the first-due engine of blocking out every other piece.  Nice fog stream into the garage while the exposure burned too.  

  • mark

    Another fine video from Brampton FD.

    It isn't Monday morning, so I'll stop with that.

  • Fireguy

    Back those aerials in so you can use them.  The exposure is a priority.  2 windows, 2 rooms, 2 floors = 2 1/2".  Big fire = big water.