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Caught on video: Burning bus takes off.

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Thanks to Matt Tomlins for passing along this video.

A bus driver and his passengers barely had time to jump out after the vehicle went up in flames in the Russian city of Omsk, Siberia. Deserted, the bus kept on rolling uncontrollably down the road before slamming into a park fence.

The incident happened late Friday evening near the building of the local mayor’s office, local media reported.

Before the vehicle caught ablaze, the driver of the 109 route managed to drop off the passengers at the nearest bus stop and evacuate the bus himself. There were 30 passengers on board the vehicle.

Russia runaway bus

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Comments - Add Yours

  • VanMan

    If those motorists were blowing their horns to get the bus to move out of their way, it shows that selfishness and stupidity are not restricted to American drivers. That must have been quite a sight for the witnesses!

    • Ryan

      I'd say it was more to warn other drivers and bystanders of the rolling inferno than selfishness 

  • Harvey Glick

    Their response time certainly killed ours!!
    Guess they're not allowed any chute time?