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Video: House fire in Quitman, MS.

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Video from CCHotTopicsTV of a fire Friday on Water Street in Quitman, Mississippi (Clarke County). No injuries reported.

MS Clarke County house fire Water Street

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  • slackjawedyokel

    The very last picture, I finally saw someone with a pike pole in his hand. Hopefully some day they will realize that you have to open one up to get ahead of it. You just fight the visible fire, you are going to burn it down slowly.

  • ftroop52

    is this the latest episode of " HOSED ",,,,,,,,,,geeezzzzzz

  • firefighter

    WOW guys really? put an airpack on and go put the fire out, I see a cop on the pump panel, water being sprayed into a CLOSED window and several guys with no pack on at all. House should of never been lost

  • IslaFire

    Oh boy.

  • Scooter

    You know its not going to turn out good when every rig that arrives pulls a line off their rig. How about having one of those rigs pump the hydrant…. Did any firefighters ever go inside?   The guy said "fire dept.and pd did a good job"  He needs to turn around and look over his shoulder. . . the roof is burning off the house.. They had it mostly darkened down just needed to go inside and finish it off. Train and train somemore… Is your company ready for Statter911?  This company was not…. Strike Da Box ! K

    • 8truck

      "Is your company ready for Statter911" haha I like that. I see a slogan in the future.

  • Volunteer for life

    Small town volly dept is what it is. Better then LA. May b LRB can get a job down there?

  • CoalCracker

    Wow.  These guys need some serious help.  Like as in grant money or some other funding.  I really don't think they WANT to be running around in old MSA airpacks with waist mounted regulators and aluminum cylinders.  I didn't see any PASS devices hooked to the packs either. 

    People made statments about water supply.  There is only so much you can do with maybe 600' of 2 1/2 as supply line and a hydrant with no steamer.  Willing to bet the hydrant that was hit was capable of maybe 500 gpm hence the reason for the tanker at the end. 

    That one hook that someone pointed out might be the only hook Quitman owns.  This is what happens when municipalities and local communities don't support the local volunteer departments.  You try running a station with just an engine company on 10 grand a year and see if you can do better.



    • slackjawedyokel

      Hey coal cracker -I have operated entire fire departments on 3 grand a year before -I throw the BS flag on your one pike pole comment.

      • http://aol ffmix30

        If you are running an entire fire department on "3 grand" a year you are failing you community and fire personnel.  You shoud be ashamed for even making that comment.  There is no way you can support training and proper equipment maintenance on that amount.  I call BS or ignorance on your comment.


  • Former Chief

    I thought the objective is to put the fire out.  On another note, are those SCBA compliant?  Last I knew, I don't think they are.  As much as I hate to say this, the more videos I see like this, the more I think the States should take over fire protection in some of these rural areas similar to CalFire.  At least as fire as compliance issues and operational procedures are concerned.

  • Fire Dude

    "Ready for Statter 911"…Isn't this the kind of video everyone on here is looking for so they can Monday morning quarterback?