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FDNY radio traffic: Metro-North train derailment in the Bronx leaves 4 dead & 60 injured.

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FDNY radio traffic above from via firefighterdispatch.


A New York City commuter train rounding a riverside curve derailed and came to rest only inches from the water Sunday, killing four people, injuring more than 60 and sending a chain of toppled cars shaped like a backward question mark trailing off the track, authorities said.

Some of the 100 to 150 passengers on the early morning Metro-North train from suburban Poughkeepsie to Manhattan were jolted awake around 7:20 a.m. to screams and the frightening sensation of their compartment rolling over on a bend where the Hudson and Harlem rivers meet in the Bronx. When the motion stopped, four or five of the seven cars were off the rails in the latest, and deadliest, example of this year's troubles for the nation's second-biggest commuter railroad.

NY Bronx Metro North crash 2

"Four people lost their lives today in the holiday season, right after Thanksgiving," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference. Eleven of the injured were believed to be critically injured and another six seriously hurt, according to the Fire Department.

The train operator was among the injured, Cuomo said.

The National Transportation Safety Board was en route to investigate, and Cuomo would not speculate about the causes of the crash until the federal agency issued its findings. Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Thomas F. Prendergast said investigators would look at factors including the train, the track and signal system, the train operators and speed.

The big curve where the derailment occurred is in a slow-speed area. Several injured passengers told The Associated Press that the train seemed to be going too fast as it took the curve near the Spuyten Duyvil station.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Volunteer for life

    Great job by FDNY brothers. If this was DC the mickey mouse and Donald duck team would surely not have enough ambo's then blame Rubin.

  • Jeff Dostalek

    Most awesome job by the best.

  • MedalsForAll

    Great job except for responding to the wrong location, and blocking the ambulances, and forgetting to transmit the 2nd alarm, and turning down the helo, and sending the wrong Marine Unit.

    • Ryan

      Didn't hear anything about the wrong location, just people asking for best access since it was in a somewhat remote area to get to.  Blocking the ambulances, when you get a mass response in a confned area like that, its bound to happen. Seemed like it was solved fairly quickly.  You can hear him ask for 2 additional rescue task forces "over the second alarm" a few minutes before asking for a third, sounds like it may have just been a dispatcher error, or maybe he mistook the 10-60 additional units as the 2nd alarm companies.  Either way, he realized they needed more units and called them accordingly.  I didn't really see a need for a search helo there.  It sounded like they sent a marine unit, and due to some kind of access issue were unable to get there, so they assigned a unit that could get there.  Maybe I misheard some things, maybe not, but I didn't really find any of those issues.  Sounded very well run, and very calm and organized all around

    • Bill

      No units responded to a wrong location.Initial call was an address above train tracks.The units in bronx and manhattan know that area well.Very narrow access in and out.only access to tracks is at the station where derailment occurred.One road was blocked with first due units.The other road was cleared for ambulances.As for the helo request.NYPD had helo over scene with thermo  on searching riverbank and brush for possible victims.The request as far aa FDNY is Do we need a Bn Chief in that helo.the answer was no.As for the marine units.The FDNY has the best marine unit in the US.They knew about possible tidal and access issues.Listen to the audio and what the marine bn states.Great job done by all first responders


  • Volunteer for life

    Any where else in this country that would be a circus. FDNY handle the most devestaing situations with calm.

  • MedalsForAll

    I dont know what radio tape you guys are listening to, but it must be from the fanatasyland channel.

    • MedalsForAll

      723 AM  Bronx box 4972 for 3699 Henry Hudson Parkway at Palisades for train derailment on Metro North


      Google Maps places 3699 Henry Hudson Parkway approximately 1 mile north of the crash site. The Henry Hudson Parkway is a limited access bridge 150 feet above the train station. The only motor vehicle access to the train station is via Edsall Ave off Palisade Ave ; or via the access road along the river at the Riverdale Train Station which is approx 2 miles to the north.


      Ladder 46 reports the crash is at the Spuyten Duyvil Train Station. Ladder 46 does not report that they are at the scene. They are probably up on the bridge over the scene.

      728 AM Battalion 27 is given the location at the train station

      751 AM   reportedly 1 ambulance is at the scene

      805 AM  dispatcher asks if collapse units are needed

      810 AM   3rd alarm is requested ;; 2nd alarm is given for manpower to move victims

      Possibly they operated short handed for 40 minutes.

      • Nice

        Do you dispactch? or work for fdny? 

        it irks me when people criticize when all they do is listen or buff. i think a great job was done. the initial location was probably the location given by a caller. i am quite sure all first responders know there response area and know where the metronorth runs. this may have just been the closest street address. 

        ladder46 may not have SAID he was on scene but perhaps the COMPUTER showed he was on scene since they are supposed to make themselves 10-84 on scene when they arrive.

        if they did operate short handed they got the job done didnt they??? people got rescued didn't they?? 

        stop criticizing and congratulate for a great job done. those who can do. those who can not just listen and watch.

    • Anonymous

      Are you a dispatcher or firefighter or have ever done any of this or do you just listen?

      It irks me to listen to people criticize what may be minor errors and ignore the ton of good that was done. The initial location I’m sure is what was given by a caller. They got to the correct location didn’t they? They got the job done didn’t they? They rescued people didn’t they?
      I say they did a great job.

  • Bill

    Hey Medals 

    Come out of google land and listen to one who was first on scene.we had multiple units on scene at the station.NYPD ESU,FDNY EMS,and and the whole first alarm assignment.You seem like a real know it all .But you know nothing .Just sit back in front of your computer and leave it to the pros.Your nothing but an arm chair critic




  • DefinitionGuy

    Sick O Phant. Or is it Psycho Phant?