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Camera found in women’s bunkroom at NC firehouse. Volunteer charged.

NC Curritcuk Timothy Ladd

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A volunteer firefighter has been arrested after a camera was found inside the women's bunk room at the fire station.

Currituck County deputies have charged Timothy Ladd, Jr. with secretly using a photographic device to gratify sexual desire.

Deputies say the device was found November 20th at Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department in Grandy. Also discovered was video from a tanning booth inside the Radio Shack in Grandy.


35-year-old Timothy Allen Ladd Jr., a member of the volunteer fire station, was interviewed by investigators and told them he had worked at the Radio Shack in Grandy from 1998 until February 2012.

Ladd was arrested on December 4th and charged with Secretly Using a Photographic Device to Gratify Sexual Desire, which is a felony. Ladd posted a $10,000 bond and is no longer in custody.

It is believed that neither the owner nor the employees at Radio Shack had any knowledge of Ladd’s recordings of the patrons of the tanning booth.

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  • Anonymous

    The fact that the Radio Shack store has a tanning booth is the creepiest part of the story.

  • Scooter

    hang him…. no room for nuts in the FD.  strike da box K


  • Unreal

    Hold on a second here, why is there a tanning bed in Radio Shack? 

  • ukfbbuff

    Dumb! makes you wonder what he was thinking, if at all?

    Oh well, off to the chain gang to "Get his Mind Right".

  • usmc94

    He was a county EMT

  • JustSayin’


    At first I thought this degenerate filth was a Trailer for "HOSED".


    My Error.!!!


    Turns out that it's a true story which only reflects 

    the type of themes found in "HOSED".

  • Justin Scully

    This guy is a dingleberry