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Early video: House fire in Framingham, MA.

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Video from CMassfirebuff  of a house fire at 10 Stanley Drive in Framingham, Massachusetts on Saturday afternoon. Here's part of the description:

A second alarm was requested bringing an additional two engines and a ladder to the fire. Mutual aid was brought in to cover and a Southborough engine went to the scene. First due companies used a deck gun to knock down the heavy fire. Hand lines were stretched and crews attempted to knock down the fire from the outside. There was a delay in getting the gas shut down due to a frozen shut off valve in the street resulting in at least one explosion. The fire wasn't completely extinguished until a few hours into the incident.


MA Framingham house fire

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Just enough video to make one wonder if they tried attacking the interior from the Delta side, of maybe from the basement………

  • Fire86

    Any idea why they were venting the gable end on the opposite end of the building from the fire? Especially when it was already through the roof?

  • Firemike71

    They did, forced to go defensive after a gas fed explosion inside.