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Early video: House fire in Houston.

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Video from John Guzman of a house fire on Thursday in Houston with Engine 39 first on the scene. No further information.

TX Houston house fire Engine 39

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  • Retired Chief

    If you layout going in the engineer would have been at the pump panel noticing the low water pressure on the handline instead of trying to drag heavy 5" hose half way down the street.


  • Steve in NJ

    First off, I love the Ride of the Valkyries in the background. Second, does Houston have an SOP that personnel get off the rig already wearing their SCBA facepiece? Just wondering. 

    • njff

      I was told once the hoods that they wear requires them to don the face piece while on the engine

  • Fire21

    I'm not impressed:  Forcible entry didn't look too great…introduce air to the fire without a charged line ready, 2nd arriving crew stood and looked while their buddies were wroking…should have gone straight to a 2nd line.  I'd like to have seen how long it took to get into the interior of the house itself.

    On the other hand, I was impressed with the busyness of the engineer; and with the pressure of the smoke issuing from the building.  I was beginning to wonder about a backdraft or smoke explosion.

  • SD

    This is not my fire department's best work.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like 3" not 5" in to me. Also depending on how close the hydrant is and how experienced the driver is hand jacking is completely acceptable.(IMO) By hand jacking the crew has an extra person to help with forcible entry and advancing a line, as happened in this video. Again in my opion this crew was very efficent. With 4 members they forced their way through a garage door, advanced a line and established a supply line, all in less than 4 minutes.

  • Fire86

    A little slow on getting water? No 360? Ventilation? Is the engineer the officer, too?

    • Anonymous

      The guy in the red helment, an officer I assume, does look at 3 sides of the structure, and they drove by the 4th. We can nit pick at everything in every video, but all in all these guys look organized and motivated. I agree with that in the early portions of this video it appears that the roof needs to be opened but once they hit the fire, everything cleared pretty quickly,so I will give them credit for having info that is not readily apparent to those of us watching the video. and making sound tactical decisions upon that information.

    • Mark too


      They put water on the fire within about 20 seconds of getting access to the fire in the garage area and about 2:45 overall in the video.  I wouldn't exactly classify that a "slow".

      The FF with the red helmet and red/orange trim on his coat is the officer.  Early in the video he disappears to the right side of the house for a few seconds and then returns.  Just after his crew started putting water on the fire, he walked down the left side of the house and returns a few seconds later.  I can't say for sure it was what was being done, but that certainly looked like he was doing a modified 360.

      What did you want them to ventilate in this brief clip?  Clearing out the garage door was a form of ventilation.  Additionally, if you've read up on the recent NIST/UL studies, you'd know that venting too soon can lead to rapid fire growth and bad things.

      Other than the appearance of not having a lot of "pep in their step", I'm not seeing much of an issue.  I've seen far, far, far worse operations.

  • slackjawedyokel

    Does the engineer wipe their ass for those guys also ?

  • BarMan

    Really Chief? That can't be the only problem you see here?

  • Retired CHief 25A

    Amen Chief.   Don't understand why companies don't layout coming in on an obvious working fire or any other reported structure fire. That 5 inch gets heavy real quick

  • Sharppointy1

    Glad my computer has a mute button. Not a fan of music.  I too was waiting for the flashover with that excellent rolling smoke.

    I hope the engineer isn't the only one moving like that.


  • Volunteer for life

    Enter through the house. Most garages the rafters are exposed and collapse faster then ones in main house.



  • 8truck

    Can tell this isn't Station 19 of Houston fire.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent demonstration of tunnel vision.


  • Mack Seagrave

    The pump operator should be concerning himself with positioning the pumper at a location that affords maximum safety as well as good access to a water supply and the fire scene. Then he needs to put the pump in gear and charge the line as soon as the attack crew is ready for water. It would have been best to drop the supply line at the hydrant on the way in to the scene, but seeing that he didn't, his next task should have been to pull the supply line and secure a continuous source of water. The pump operator should not be stretching the attack line, deliver tools to the empty handed firefighters, opening doors and looking into the fire building, etc. In addition, the stream from the fog nozzle appeared to be very poor, likely that the line was not be supplied properly.

    • BH

      I think the line's kinked at least once, maybe twice.  Check out the loop near the garage door at 2:44.  

  • CoalCracker5

    Look, consistency on each and every incident would be almost impossible due to the diversity of each response. Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. Judging from most of their fire related videos, Houston guys and girls go to work and they do a great job.

    • JustSayin’


      Them Houstons are hum-dingers, alright.

      Based on the past videos found on this forum

      they are some real crackerjacks…


      Why, sometimes they use their full PPEs,

      and sometimes they just wear some of their PPE,

      and sometimes they actually don their SCBA face masks.


      Why, sometimes they even all go home after the alarm…


      Sometimes ….

      • ryan

        if this is a shot at houston FD then it is done in extremely poor taste.  Just Sayin you need to keep comments like this to yourself.

        • JustSayin’

          Just based on the past videos found on this forum

          Maybe you missed um….


  • SaltyDog

    If this video continued, I'm wondering if this garage fire would've turned into a full blown house fire…? Unburned to burned!!!! Props to this engine operator! ( I say operator b/c anyone can drive a fire truck, drivers stay at the pump panel and do nothing but get photos with the news, operators do WORK!) However, main goal is water in that initial line and the stretch, a well placed and maintained initial line will make or break your fireground. Great Hustle and aggressiveness engine operator! But remember, you can't get too far ahead of your attack crew.

  • Capt

    Thats some awesome smoke pushing from that house!! I to thought it was gonna blow before they got it knocked! The biggest thing I saw was that the door was already up some so why didnt he try to raise it first before burning up all that energy!! But we all get that little bit of tunnel vision from time to time!!

    • agates1272

      I'd much rather take the door they way they did rather than roll it up and run the risk of it closing behind me or coming down on top of me. That's just me, though.

  • Firehouse29

    1. No sense of urgency with brown smoke pushing.                                                

    2. Off. does a modified 360. Fences and whatnot.

    3. Need garage door tactics drills asap.

    4. They got water on the fire.

    Now, did they push it back into the house? Maybe a second line in the front door? Easy to judge a crew from a 3 min. video w/o knowing how the call came in, how far they were…These videos are meant to learn from, not mock.

    • Halligan Hook

      You can't push fire with hoselines. You can only draw it with ventilation. *sigh*

      • WAM


  • Know nothing

    No mention of searching for victims.  First line through front door, hitting the fire burning over their heads.  Next crew comes in for the search while first line is headed towards the garage.  Second line can either go right to the garage or back up the first line and the search crew.

  • Former Chief

    I don't want to disagree, but I don't see a lot of the issues being mentioned here.  They forced entry and had water on the fire in under 3 minutes.  Some of you need to watch the video again.  The garage door they forced was not open, look at the windows, the bottom panel was missing.  The officer walked to the D side while the door was being forced and then walked down the B side and I'm assuming checked the C side.  He also had a TIC.  I'm guessing they didn't go through the front door because of the security gate.  I am also making an assumption that they knew where the fire was by looking in the windows and that the house was vacant (for sale signs and I don't know what the yellow/orange signs were).  Driver/Engineers in a lot of FD's have certain responsibilites via their SOP's.  A little more hustle from the second in crew maybe, but what did some of you want them to sprint down the street?  Looked like the fire was getting knocked in under four minutes by the first in four person Engine.  Not too shabby in my opinion.