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FDNY probie’s Facebook posts about training extends probationary period 5 years. Some think he should have been fired for repeat offense.

NY FDNY probie

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New York Post reporter Susan Edelman, who discovered the trail of racial and hate filled tweets that derailed a few careers in FDNY EMS (including FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano's son), has been focusing her reporting efforts on classes at the FDNY Academy. Edelman's recent reports were on a female probationary firefighter who was dubbed the "Teflon probie" because of the many chances she had been given to complete a running test. Today, Edelman tells us about the 35-year-old ex-rapper Trilain Smith, a probie who has been punished by Commissioner Cassano for his postings about FDNY.

According to Edelman, the 35-year-old Smith had been previously warned about violating the department's social-media policy for postings of sexually suggestive pictures dressed in firefighter gear. Then the Facebook post seen above occurred which included the line, “These n- – -as try to kill you start to finish!”. Smith was not fired by Cassano but he was barred from the graduation ceremony for his class, lost 90-days pay and had his probationary period stretched from 18 months to five years.

Susan Edelman, New York Post:

On Aug. 1, three days after his training started on Randalls Island, Smith posted several selfies under the name “King Alex” — including one of him bare-chested in his FDNY helmet and bunker gear and another showing his nude torso over an FDNY patch.

“S- -t is REALLLL!! Body OD sore!” he wrote of the drills. “no real lunch break and mfkaz screaming at you all day long.”

A top officer displayed Smith’s photos and obscenity-laced remarks in a blistering speech to the entire class. He admonished each probie to avoid posting anything that could shame the FDNY.

Using the name “Kieon Ibeast,” Smith posted the N-word diatribe to Facebook on Nov. 19. The repeat offense infuriated brass, who wanted him fired, insiders said.

Smith is part of a class that was hailed Thursday as the most racially diverse in FDNY history. Of the 242 firefighters, 24 percent is black, 36 percent is Hispanic.

Of the grads, he is one of 76 “priority hires,” minorities who took the FDNY entrance exam in 1999 and 2000 but were passed over.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Former Chief

    So the question is, would a non "priority hire" be given the same punishment?  What is the written policy of the FDNY regarding punishment for these types of infractions while in the Academy?  If any agency has written policies,  it's FDNY.  If they're changing policy or "setting precedent", that is a bad road to go down.  I hope this has taught this individual some humility and is humbling and he will be a good FDNY Firefighter.  Unfortunately, I'm not optimistic.

    Somewhat related, I thought just about everyone graduating from FDNY probie school was assigned to an Engine Company first and you had to "bid" onto to Truck Company's after probation when openings were available.  Maybe I'm dating myself, or maybe I'm incorrect.  People more knowledgeable of the FDNY may be able to clarify this.

    • Art of Fire

      Not that way anymore. Probies do go to truck companies.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like more than one of these folks are teflon coated.

    This guy will be untouchable for his entire career.

  • AsstChief603

    What an embarassment to the fire service……..only reason he has a job is because of his race. Sorry to see the FDNY be forced to accept people who care not for the job, care not for the brotherhood, but just trying to make a statement. You, Kieon, are lower than whale dung, and will never be accepted as a TRUE FIREFIGHTER!!!! FTM!


      This department is already an "embarrassment" to the city of New York  by the REQUIREMENT to retroactively employ tax-paying citizens,  like KIEON and other minorities onto a force which they were already entitled to join several years ago. A TRUE FIREFIGHTER…IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE ASST.CHIE603?   And True Firefighter Asst Chief603, could the name calling and acronym FTM also be a "cultural acronym" which also violates the Department's Social Media policy…We shall see. 

  • Fire21

    As we say about detractors of America…if you don't like it, leave!

  • AA

    This is nothing to worry about – embarassing, yes – but he for sure won't make it 5 years without doing something else that gets him fired.  I give him 2 years at the most.

  • ltfd seattle

    He is certainly a "protected" minority.

  • ukfbbuff

    Just about any where else, he'd have been fired, plain and simple.

  • Old Backstep Fireman

    AA said, 'Nothing to worry about – just a embarrasment and he won't make thru 5 years.

    Maybe so. But I'd be dammed if I would  stretch a line in wIth a douchebag like this backing me up. I can see this asshole now once he's assingned to a house and told it's a probie's job to do this, do that and all the other dirty work everyone else does. But the worst is that he can't be depended on when the bells start ringing.

    Run him out right away. Doesn't need to be racist. Just use the many old firehouse traditions to let him know he isn't welcome.




    • Charlie

      Problem is the shit we do will be nowhere near racist, BUT, it will be deemed racist.


      Are we to truly believe that an "old Backstep Fireman" whose "prestigious department" discriminated against, were found guilty of discriminating against, and ordered to pay restitution to NUMEROUS minorities, specifically stating to "run him out right away" with your " "old firehouse traditions"  is troublesome at the very least and could be perceived as retaliatory.  If your elite society was not shut down based on their egregious practices of blatantly discriminating and excluding hundreds of qualiified minorities  from this job and given a chance to correct themselves, why shouldn't Firefighter Smith be afforded that same opportunity for his offense? And the language used and name calling by many of you on this blog proves that behind closed doors… your elite society may not have clean hands know what's done behind those know what's said..stop looking for excuses beyond the obvious to exclude Mr. Smith from your 'elite society.' 

  • JustSayin’

    I'll bet that the majority of the "priorty hires" will be coated with teflon.

    This is a cancer that will continue to destroy this FD (and many others).

    NYFD is just going to have to accept that Karma is a Bummer.

  • Blue

    And we've come to this……..

  • CIOR

    Karma?  I'm not following what you mean regarding "karma"?


    As for probies going to trucks, there are so many openings city wide now that they had to send probies to some of the more understaffed trucks.

  • Anonymous

    “These n- – -as try to kill you start to finish!”…..If a white canidate said this about black instructors, they would of been fired in a blink of an eye; but its ok for a black man too?  Not to mention, Al Sharpton, CNN, and the ACLU would be all over this about racism in the department and what is wrong with our country and would inflame a race war.



  • Anonymous

    My dept delt with this since about 1984. These things have away of curing themselves.

    Our academy is sink or swim. Employees get 2 chances to pass practical evolutions and written exams are graded at 80% to pass.

    Most dead weight is weeded out during the 1 year probbie period, if ya don't meet standards, ya don't have a job.



  • passed over

    Wow, doubt he'll last five years at this rate. If it wasn't for being part of a court mandated class, he'd be out already. I'm just glad this stuff is happening in NY, at least now it's getting some media attention. It's been happening across the country for years, but doesn't grab the media attention like FDNY does. Maybe now people will realize just how badly we've degraded the American Fire Service.



    I have a feeling the phrase "passed over" is a little misleading. Its my understanding he didn't score high enough, but because he was a minority the lower score is expected of him (at least according to the Vulcans). Its the white candidates who wrote just low scoring of a test, but aren't getting a job that are actually being passed over.

  • Bill

    Thats what happens when you hire quotas instead of those that are at the top of the list.

  • Mack Seagrave

    This P-O-S is the direct result of hiring unqualified, unmotivated people who believe they are entitled to the job due to the color of their skin. I believe the intent of 'equal opportunity' was to provide equal opportunity to all qualified people regardless of their race. Instead, 'equal opportunity' now means that unqualified people must be hired because of their race. Sad as well as dangerous. The federal judge should be removed from the bench, he is placing civilian and firefighters live at risk.