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Radio traffic: Fire engine rollover in Southern MD.

MD Charles Newburg rollover

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Listen to radio traffic after rollover involving Rescue Engine 141

Southern Maryland Newsnet reports five firefighters were taken to the hospital to be checked out after an engine from the Newburg VFD overturned while responding to a motor vehicle collision. The news site reports at least one minor injury. ScanMD has the audio.

Click here for more details from Newburg VFD.

On Sunday, December 8, at approximately 2:10p.m., Rescue Engine 141 from Newburg volunteer Fire Department was responding to a motor vehicle accident in St. Mary’s County.

While responding to the call the engine lost control and struck a guardrail, it continued down an embankment, coming to rest on it’s roof.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Glad to hear that all are apparently OK.

  • F. Britcher

    Justin: I'm with you and agree. If you are not on  the rig, don't have all the facts , don't comment . I hope that all who on the rig are ok. Be it volunteer or professional the " American Fire Service" is a brotherhood.


    Retired Captain

    F. Britcher