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UPDATE – Raw video: House fire in Arcata, CA.

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The Times-Standard reports this fire killed Stephen McGeary and that the incident is now a criminal matter. The address is 210 H Street and the incident occurred on Saturtday evening, not Friday as originally reported.


Video from Matthew LaFever of a house fire threatening an apartment building Friday Saturday evening on G H Street in Arcata, California. No further information.

CA Arcata G Street house fire

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  • Anonymous

    This was Saturday night on H street… get your facts right.

    • dave statter

      Always like to get my facts straight. At the time of posting the only online local sources were the video, which described at as G Street and the North Coast Journal that described it as December 6 (Friday here on the East Coast, not sure what day it is on the West Coast). The Times-Standard has cleared this up on Facebook and also reports this was a fatal fire. Will correct. Sorry to ruin your experience with and I will try to do better in the future.

    • LaidoffJake

      The Chief does alright. Try to be less of a dick.

  • Harry Rampe

    If it burns down we can make another parking otLooked lie  major water problem DUDE

  • Fire21

    I saw some exposure protection, but very little firefighting.  Did they turn this into a controlled burn?

  • cbj

    I MUST be missing something here. I hope I am. I would like an explanation as to why very little water was used, even on the exposure. At least one charged line which was operated occassionally at best. I dont get this at all.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an undate from the Arcata Fire District explaing why water was not put on the structure.


    • Fire21

      Apparently there was water being applied that we don't see for protection of the apartment building…..

  • Justthefactsjack

    When was the 911 call received? When did the units arrive? What was their staffing?