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Pre-arrival video: Explosion at Hamilton, ON home. House later collapsed. Fate of occupant unclear.

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Watch the collapse of this home

This is pre-arrival video from the fire we showed you earlier where a home on Wilson Street in Hamilton, Ontario collpased. Click here for the collapse video.

The fate of a woman living a home levelled by an explosion Monday is unclear.

Monday afternoon, police and firefighters said they consider her missing, while some neighbours say they think she left the house shortly before the explosion and fire erupted.

ON Hamilton Wilson Street house fire 1

The rubble of the collapsed house is unsafe to venture into, say police, so it could be days before investigators can venture inside to search it.

Hamilton Police Staff Sgt. Andrew Dunlop said because of the collapse: "It's unsafe to do anything for a few days."

The house, on Wilson Street at Victoria, collapsed about a half hour after the fire started, said Hamilton Fire Department platoon chief Brian Stark. Firefighters had to call off their search for the occupant.

ON Hamilton Wilson Street house fire 2

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Comments - Add Yours

  • risk nothing,,,,,

    Get in there boys, I know thers no chance of survivability for the occupants, and dont worry bout those load bearing walls blown into both driveways,,,,,

    • fmch

      Do you know 100% for sure there's no chance of survivability? We don't know what information they were given prior to arrival. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  • Sharppointy1

    I'm impressed by the hustle the Hamilton FD shows.  It's great to see this pre arrival video set the stage for the collapse video.  Good combo.

  • Fire21

    Why did the engine go so far beyond the building and leave the hose work to the truck?  Why did one of the hose teams stand around looking useless while the engineer unraveled the kinks in their line?  

    • Hoofhearted

      Because it wasn't an engine, it was a resue unit.

    • Anonymous

      That was not an engine it was a rescue.

    • Rmacat1

      "Useless" is a harsh word to use, about a Firefighter at anytime !, let alone at a Fire of that speed and noise, you were wrong about everything, I'm pretty sure You stand alone alot, as You think You know more than You really do.

  • DJ

    The wind won this one. Not much of a chance to save anyting….