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Caught on video: 50-vehicle pile-up in Wisconsin.

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If you've ever wondered just how one of those pile-ups involving scores of vehicles on a major highway occurs, here's your chance to see for yourself. This is from a wreck Sunday on US 41/45 in Germantown, Wisconsin that involved 50 vehicles and left a dozen or so people injured.

WI Germantown multi vehicle pile up

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  • Fire21

    Let's see…know the conditions you're driving on; get your head outa your exterior posterior orifice; watch what traffic's doing; slow down in bad weather conditions;  shut off cruise control; look ahead!!  And don't stand alongside the road waiting for some other car to come hit you!!

    Seems between storms people forget how to drive on snow.

  • PR

    Obviously these cheeseheads have no freaking clue how to drive in bad weather.  I could expect that down here in Goergia but you would think that people who live in Wisconsin would have some experience.  Guess not.  Hope their insurance companies triple their premiums….all of them are total douchebagss.

  • 19262007

    And I thought people in the snow belts knew how to drive in the snow.  They drive just as idiotically as the nitwits in the DC region.

  • Jeff P.

    "Whose insurance company am I going to call first…?"

  • Patricia O’Connor

    people are getting out of their stupid can they be…wonder how many injuries there were

  • Dickey

    This happened in the southeast part of my state. Normally, Wisconsinites can drive in snow but this area is so close to Illinois that they drive like they live in Illinois.

  • AA

    Wow.  I'm thoroughly surprised no one was killed… especially the people who got out of their cars!!!

    Why in the HELL were people driving so fast!?!?

  • RFD303

    I see 2 kinds of stupid.

    1. Those that can't drive for the conditions: following too closely and driving too fast.

    2. Those that stood in the road near their wrecked vehicle waiting for the next one to lose control and wipe them out: get as far away from traffic and the road as physically possible.

  • JohnnyBeGood

    What a bunch of NIT-WITS!

  • Cold in Texas

    Some lawyer is going to nominate that video for an Academy Award for Best Evidence in a Horror Scene.

  • David S.

    Where did these people learn to drive England?

  • DG

    Stupid cheese heads

  • James


  • Angel

    Hope there were no kids hurt. They did not know what was going on.

  • Earl

    and the bulk of this was caused by the first moron who hit the first car and then left his car in the travel lane for a good three and a hald minutes.

  • RJ in florida (current temp 80deg)

    Having grown up in NY even i know that in those conditions you should not be going more than 20mph. Some appear to be taking due caution but others are just plain goin too fast. i guess insurance companies will look at this video and anyone who files a claim will have some explaining to do

    by the way, think about spending christmas down here its nice right now and i know some of you are taking a beating…please be careful

  • Medic15

    I love how people get all defensive and stand up for those who choose to drive like maniacs with no regard for other lives. f**k the SOB's. They deserve whatever they get themselves into. No sympathy.

  • Roscoe

    Wal-Mart T/T, only one who knew what he was doing, didn't even fishtail………….GOOD need my stuff!

  • waheid

    Don't let a little snow slow you up! Real men don't slow down for slippery roads.

  • willowbay

    I'm in Eastern Ontario and I can't believe how fast those people were driving on an obviously snowy slippery road.  It is too bad that the first accidented cars were not moved out of the way immediately.  It is too bad that no one had any flares and put some out on the roadway at the legally required distance away from the problem.

  • Madmeg

    apart from lots of people driving too fast not one person from the original smash bothered to walk up the road to slow down or warn approaching drivers- instead they all just stood around in the next to be hit zone!

  • mac

    Can't friggen believe that they do not see the road ahead. Then many don't see past there hood. With the road conditions slow the —- down.

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