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Must see: The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or until there is outrage about a video of the beatings going viral.

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South China Morning Post:

Police in China’s northern Inner Mongolia have launched an official investigation into the beating of five newly-recruited firefighters in Wuhai city after a video that showed them being abused by senior soldiers went viral over the weekend, reported China’s Southern Metropolis Daily.

China Firefighters beaten 2

The 16-minute-long clip that recorded the beatings received millions of views and shocked China’s online community, who called it a disgrace and demanded authorities get to the bottom of the scandal. Yet many bloggers, after viewing the clip, said it was just the tip of the iceberg of the corruption-riddled People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The clip showed five young soldiers who were made to stand next to each other and take beatings from what appeared to be senior soldiers. The seniors took turns torturing the new recruits, hitting them in the face, kicking them in their stomach, and banging their heads into a concrete wall. Several of the recruits collapsed onto the floor after being attacked. Yet the torture resumed as the new soldiers were immediately asked to to stand up and take more beatings.

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  • Fire21

    Despite efforts to establish a New World Order, it is NOT one world!!  Disgusting.

  • ladder2

    Yet we still buy most of our goods from this disguitingly polluted and abusive communist country and we say that the US tries to be a leader in human rights.

    • Suburbanite

      I find few things more ironic than the plastic junk toys from China that we American's buy by the shipping container load via McDonalds "Happy Meals."  

  • RJ in florida

    i allways wondered what it would be like to be in a meeting with LRB

  • Anonymous

    Its a brutal regime, this is probably an everyday occurence there.

  • agates1272

    Is anyone really surprised? This coming from one of the world's biggest civil rights violators.  Made in China…we fund the hate.

  • Oldman1

    I sure am glad i never tested there.

  • Dickey

    Man, they are hard on their probies over there.



    Seriously… that needs to stop and like mentioned before…we fund the hate! They could easily shut the US down by choosing not to go to work for a week with all the stuff made there.

  • on the job

    made in china……….

  • ty

    and this is why chinas always been picked up by other countries in the past cuz there tought at a young age that you cant stand up for your self.. no wonder americas on top….

  • George P.

    What a gross misrepresntation of our civil servants!!!  Its a shame that people will do this to others and yet our country (US) condones this and does NOTHING to halt this violence.  Yea Im glad I never had to go thru that training, otherwise I would be unemployed and in some Chinese jail.