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Raw video & radio traffic: Two-alarm house fire in Bethlehem, PA.

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Video from Bill Rohrer (newsworking) at Newsworking of a two-alarm house fire yesterday afternoon. Here's what Bill wrote about the fire:

At 15:15 Engines 1, 3, 6, Ladder 1 and Truck 2 respond to a report of a house fire in the 800 block of Wyandotte Street with multiple calls received. Additional address of 811 Wyandotte is received as the possible address.

409 arrives and reports heavy smoke showing and orders Engine 3 to bring in a water supply.

At 15:20 the second alarm is transmitted. Engines 9, 5 and Ladder 2 respond. Crews have heavy fire on the second floor of a duplex with extension into the attic.

Engine 7 is special-called. Crews work for an hour trying to contain the stubborn blaze. Multiple hand lines were in operation.

PA Bethlehem house fire 12-12-13

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  • Volunteer for life

    Wow took as long to vent the roof as it did for the guy to build it 80yrs ago.They see any work?

    • Tom McLoughlin

      Maybe not as much as you, hotshot, but they got the job done and they got it done safely, under difficult conditions on a snow covered roof.  It's real easy to criticize from your kitchen (where you're probably busy sewing FD patches onto your pajamas, 'cause you're a real hero and want everyone to know it) but I doubt you'd have done any better there.  Nice job fellas.  We appreciate you're being out there and risking your own lives on that roof in very difficult conditions, and getting it done.

      • slackjawedyokel

        patches on his pajamas-i like that

      • Spellcheck

        I agree Tom, they did a great safe job under difficult conditions.  

  • Michael Gove

    Tom, he's a troll.

  • Glad to be retired

    Well is has been awhile since I have commented, first kudos to all firefighters everywhere and Tom and Mike you ere kinda sensitive !!! Slack just kinda giggled and moved on. Before I lay out an opinion understand that many of the paid firefighters up and down the east coast come from the great commonwealth of PA and many do quite well, earn reputations and promotions and end up teaching the trade real time during and after their careers. One of the problems with video and media today it has fully uncovered poor training, lack of same and really poor incident (fireground) management, those who post things really think they want others to see what they did and expect all to see it as they did upon arrival. Alot of us have been there and used to listen to cassette tapes to improve our radio returns and reports. They did a good job considering conditions, however there will those who take shots because they may do it daily with alot more bravado if you will , I am sure the fellas here in Bethlehem do nto do a copius amount of truck work, therefore if someone has a dagger let them, of course if you know the player and you know he is not a rel good firefighter there is a;ways a spot at bingo or the carnival. We need to insure we keep pour own houses up to par and train , train and be prepared for the worst.

    • where is it?

      Funny to see this here… I was on the 2nd due ladder and I cut those holes. I joked to a friend right after coming down that I hoped there were no cameras out back ’cause it wasn’t my best showing. I could Monday morning QB myself on this one all day and I’d always like to see bigger holes faster, but in this case we just had a lot working agst us. My main concern at the moment wasn’t looking cool on YouTube (though that’s always a plus), it was getting the place opened up in piss poor conditions to make things more tenable for the guys making the push to the third floor and those guys thanked me… That’s more gratifying than any anonymous comments on the internets. Anyway, no harm, no foul… Just wanted to offer up my 1 cent.

      Glad- no room at any bingo hall or carnival… The BFD is a professional fire dept protecting a city of about 75,000.

      • dave statter

        There is no room for admitting your faults with a little self-deprecating humor on this site. We expect you to be on the defensive and lash out at any critics. Just glad no one came off that roof the hard way. Thanks for writing.


        • where is it?

          HA!  Thanks, Dave.  Circumstances forced me to do just about everything differently than I'd prefer on this one.  In those conditions I'd have much rather been working from the bucket of a tower ladder, but with the amount of overhead wires in front of this place the main simply wasnt even going to make it out of the bed.  So, we sucked it up, dealt with the ice and got the job done.  May not have won any style points, but the engine guys were were happy and, like you said, I didnt go ass over teakettle off the roof.   

          • TheGunny

            Damn fine truck work brother. Been alot of years since I have been on a icy/snowy roof and the amount of time taken to be safe and get the job done was outstanding! Style points don't put the fire out or make life easy for the Engine Co under ya.

  • 19262007

    Under 6 minutes to open that roof under those conditions is damn fine work.  Vfl is one of those clowns who yells it took the FD twenty minutes to get here.

  • Goodhands

    Was a nice video, treacherous work conditons


  • David S.

    VFL ,I do not know where you are from but when I was a vol ff our response times were great and we worked side by side with the paid personell and our great training paid off in all types of conditions with 50 fire companies and a pop of 2 million we saw 2 or more workers each week so in my opinion according to the video and the news story I feel that they did a good job with this one.

  • 8truck

    I like the use of the chimney. Strong work in less than stellar conditions.

  • 95%er

    I think the roof crews did fine under the circumstances. They performed the tasks that were assigned. I have a problem with the tactics.

    Roof work on peaked roof dwellings takes a long time and is extremely difficult. Add ice and snow to the mix and it's pretty dangerous and its not a quick fix for ventilation.

    By the time the crews got the 2 holes open, the only thing venting was white steam. If you are cracking a roof, there should be fire and smoke venting out of that hole or you just spent a lot of time not changing much.

    This is NOT a dig at the roof crew. They did a fine job. It's a strategic and tactical reminder to the IC who ordered the task. I don't agree with peaked roof ops unless there is fire in the compartment directly underneath the hole being cut, either in the attic or the roof below the attic and the attic floor can be breached to vent the room below ( NO easy task that most don't even consider).

    This appears to be a strong interior dept. and it looks like they made nice work of some heavy fire through the interior. Be safe.

  • Volunteer for life

    U must all be paid guys. This guy even says it's not his best work. I screwed up once to. I got married lol. The problem here is if anyone throws sarcasm its the end of the world.But we all do it in our own houses. Loosen up this isn't the end of the world. Everyone of us does the best we can and video rarely captures the entire event.By the way checkout Kentland's website for some nice workers.

  • Anonymous

    the guys from Bethlahem did pretty good truck work, they held the fire to the original fire bldg.

  • 19262007

    Kentland? What’s that?