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Caught on camera: Jumper from burning building saved by awning.

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I thought this one was going to be quite ugly when the man dropped down from a third floor apartment with fire below him. But a store awning saved the day. The description with the video says it was shot in Instanbul, Turkey earlier today.

Citizens of events surviving with minor injuries , those moments were recorded second by UAV camera .Fatih Ali birder Street in District 4-story building 2 Head müezzin an undetermined reason, a fire broke out on the floor . Growing fire in a short time , the second floor is completely engulfed . Meanwhile, 3 found on the floor of a citizens were stranded at home .In the event that a large glass of citizens experiencing panic , fire watchers' jump warning left with the space itself . Located on the lower ground floor grocery store, falling to the canvas of the citizens , the event has survived with minor injuries . Nearby citizens , immediately ran to help , citizen was down. Citizens waiting ambulance on the sidewalk for a while , then was delivered to the health care team . The record was recorded second by UAV camera .Fatih firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the fire . While large-scale property damage , reflect on what happened to the camera .One eyewitness , We were home , after we were changing . Suddenly caught fire. Panic occurred , immediately ran out . Even had the opportunity to wear our shoes , he said.

Turkey apartment fire jumper

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    In cartoons those awnings are always strong enough to save a person dropping onto them.  Who knew they are sometimes really that strong?!

  • ryan

    cool video dave! that guy needs to by a whole truckload of lottery tickets… Nice job by the brothers in Turkey!

  • Rod

    That is great video! I would have never thought an awning could do that, only the movies right? 

  • Sharppointy1

    LOVE the description of the video almost more than the video itself :)