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‘Dude it’s a 200 foot flame’. Great citizen commentary.

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As many of our readers pointed out this turns about to be video from the weekend's three-alarm fire in Glendale, Colorado that destroyed apartments under contstruction. Click here for some close-up video of the fire.


I have no clue where this fire was and there is real no firefighting on the video. But it is a great way to learn what the public is thinking when there is a fire. Wonderful commentary.


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  • Anonymous

    Believe it was Denver last night

  • Fire21

    Hmmm, I wonder what size those flames were?  When everyone uses the f-word in casual conversation, what word do they use when they really want to emphasize something?

  • RJ in florida

    "public comments"…."priceless"

    as a former dispatcher i have allways been amused how people "rate" a fire by the hight of the flames

  • OldCityCaptain

    Fire21, you said it……The profanity laced casual conversation is mind boggling!!!! We are witnessing the dumbing down of America!!! The public's perception of reality is always based on the current, most popular T.V. shows……and boy are they mis-informed!!!


  • Steve in NJ
  • 95%er

    well, in their defense, if you look at the high rise building in the background, that has to be at least 100' high, and the flames are easily 50-75% higher than that, so my guess is that the 200' high flamefront is not that far off.


    that sucker is really rocking!

    • dave statter

      Looking at the closeup, I don’t think they were very far off. But there was a lot of other commentary I found amusing.

  • Sally

    Dude, like I'm soooo high right now. 

  • Sharppointy1

    I find the degradation of the pure American language to be most displeasing.  Are our children learning only one descriptive word in school these days/  I myself can think of many more elucidating and clarifying adjectives for this greatest of conflagrations than "F**k, Dood".

    Typed with my Granny glasses on and my nose pointed in the air.  Hilarious!