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More adventures in citizen commentary

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A vehicle fire during a Christmas party prompted some great citizen commentary and play-by-play. No information on where this occurred.

Citizen commentary

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  • ThatGuy

    I better go to fire school again and learn how to properly bounce a hose stream off the ground

  • Tree

    Must be the season – we just had one like it dispatched in the southern part of the county.

    At least the language was a little "cleaner…"

  • cbj

    Schenectady NY near NY State Capital Albany. Located in the Mohawk Valley it is part of a 3 city region: Albany, Schenectady and Troy, all ofrmer major manufacturing cities p to the late 70's. Schenetady used to have about 9 engine and 3  trucks staffed with 3. Now I think they are down to 4 and 2. Some huge mill complexes in these cities. Good firefighters in this region, pretty well seasoned.

  • Kardiac Kid

    I was going to say Schenectady even before they mentioned it on tape.  The Champagne over Red is a pretty distinctive color that the Department switched to for their 100th anniversary in 2000.  It looks like this is Engine #2 based on the neighborhood. 2010 Ferrara Inferno, the only other Ferrara engine in the fleet is Engine #1 which serves Downtown.

    CBJ is correct they are down to 4 engines and 2 trucks with three man staffing.  They also have 2 Paramedic "Rescue" trucks staffed with two.

    I have a couple of buddies on the job with them and I used to work for the ambulance company that served the area. Good group of guys to work with.  Glad to see Upstate NY getting a little love on Statter911, even if it is just for stupid commentary.

  • RJ in florida

    DAVE!! you're killing me with these—ROFLOL civilian comments, "priceless"

  • cbj

    Hey Kardiac I am from that area myself, just a bit west where I grew up until leaving in '77. I remember the old SFD back when hq was on Erie Blvd and the GE Plant was the largest employer in that region.