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Helmet-cam video: Apartment fire in Corinth, MS.

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The last time we ran a helmet-cam video from Lt. Chris Duncan of Mississippi's Corinth Fire Department it was pretty dramatic. That was back in January when Lt. Duncan pulled a man through the window of a burning home just as the room ignited.

The video above is not quite as compelling. It's still worth watching. It was uploaded to YouTube yesterday but is from a fire last year. Here's Lt. Duncan's description:

Helmet Cam footage. Corinth Fire Dept. was dispatched in the early morning hours of March 3, 2012 to an apartment fire. Engine 4 arrived to find the first floor apt. fully involved with fire spreading to the second story apts. All occupants had evacuated prior to arrival. Eng. 4 was able to quickly knockdown the bulk of the fire before additional units arrived to assist. Filmed with the Firecam 1080.

MS Corinth apartment fire

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  • dcfire capt

    Good knock. Tou have balls doing it by yourself, but you did what 90% of us would have done. 

  • Anonymous

    A fine example of what a single handline in the right hands can do. No wagon pipe, CAFS, or tactical worksheet necessary.  Good work by a good fireman.