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UPDATED Video: Large fire in Kingston, ON. Man rescued from atop construction crane.

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A large fire broke out an an apartment building in Kingston, ON around 2:30 this afternoon trapping a worker on a large crane. He was rescued by helicopter.

National Post:

Witnesses say flames are shooting above the building and that large chunks of flaming debris were floating off the building.

Police are asking people to stay at least two blocks away from the scene.

“Please do not endanger yourself or emergency crews on scene for Princess/Victoria St. fire,” the police said in a tweet.

Crews are concerned that the fire could approach a nearby gas station and a public school a few blocks away has been evacuated.

ON Kinston crane rescue 2

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  • Fire21

    That's a cool video.  But…My kingdom for image stabilization!!  Hope we can see more video of this event…the still pic of the fire looks awesome!

  • tree

    There is plenty of video on Canadian news sources – search for Kingston, ON Fire, maybe include "Princess Street."

    Another vertical lumberyard fire, hard on the heels of the inferno in Glendale, CO.  Apparently, locals were concerned with this "tinderbox," and it appears rightly so.

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  • Fire21

    And my favorite part is the sign at the gas station…"Share the heat".

  • David S.

    Beautiful rescue ,hope that the guy is ok.