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Raw video: Two brought down by ladder at Los Angeles apartment fire. Two more burned.

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Another firelensman video from an apartment fire in Los Angeles, California this morning. Here's the description with the video:

Los Angeles Firefighters first on scene had "fire showing" from the rear of a two story apartment building on the 7800 block of South San Pedro Street in South L.A. Firefighters rescued two persons via ladder from the second floor of thier smoke filled apartment. Firefighters also transported from the scene two persons with burns, one with burns on the hands and another with burns on the feet, to a local area hospital. The main bulk of fire was knocked down in less than 30 minutes. The cause of the late night fire is under investigation.

CA LAFD two by ladder apartment fire

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  • Fire21

    I have a question for those of you who run medicals.  With videos such as this one showing injury victims, how does it fit into HIPPA rules?  With the address being pretty well known, and the injury description being burned hands, the patient in this video is pretty identifiable.  I'm curious if the govt would consider this an invasion of the patient's right to privacy?

    • dave statter

      No. H I P A A does not apply to the public or the press. Period. You can always sue someone claiming an invasion of privacy but you are not likely to win because this is not a place where there was an expectation of privacy. This type of situation you describe also isn’t a concern of the government though many in public safety have at various times have mistakenly believed it was and used H I P A A as an excuse to violate someone’s First Amendment rights.

      • Fire21

        Thanks, Dave.

  • JustSayin’

    Just WHO are these cowards and time-wasters.???..!!!!

    Prior to going onto a long flat roof taking the time to button their coats and don an SCBA.!!!  

    They better take some time to ride-alone with the Truck-Studs with Balto Fire…