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Raw video: House fire in Toledo, OH.

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Video from joelstjoel of a house fire in Toledo, Ohio. From the description this apparently occurred in September of 2012 but was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. No further information.

OH Toledo house fire 9-2012

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  • 95%er

    BAM! These guys get it. Water applied at 25 seconds. Smoke changes color to white in 30 more seconds. Fire knocked out in under 2 minutes. Move in with the handline and mop it up.

    Why did it work ?

    Rate of FLOW. Instead of dicking aorund with a bunch of 125 GPM handlines, they moved 5-700 GPM throgh the deck monitor and EXTINGUISHED the fire. Most of the fires we see on here the fire burns down to the level of water being applied and finally peters out.

    These guys applied the proprer rate of flow to extinguish the fire and it promptly went OUT. BAM, fire out, deck monitor wins again…..what a concept. Using the tools on top of almost every engine in the USA. Big fire, big water, fire go buh bye.

    These guys get the Stockton Gold Star…hey Dave, how come no videos from Stockton lately?

  • OldSutterOne

    I think the wisdom of going to the deck gun is confirmed by the collapse of the front porch early in the video.

  • Fire21

    Big fire equals big water…hydrant line secured, deck gun in use.  Good knock.  I'm wondering when (or if) they transitioned to handlines.  

  • Volunteer for life

    Finally a good job!!!!

  • Oldman1

    The use of the deck gun would have been my call too Toledo knows how to get the job done quick.


    Look how much fire you can fight with limited equipment and manpower

  • Boots

    What a Heads up job….Water on the fire…and plenty of it …Great knock


  • Heavy2

    Great knock, no doubt there. Ah not a great place for chiefs car and/or tower ladder. I also wonder if they went to attack lines or waited til the house filled with water. Lol relax guts

  • Big Fire, Big Water

    Great blitz attack.  Strong work Toledo FD