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Raw video: LAFD in action. Large shed fire with exposure protection.

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Video from firelensman of a large shed fire on Wednesday in Los Angeles, California. Here's the description with the video:

Los Angeles Firefighters first on scene on the 1400 block of East 25th Street had fire showing from a large corrugated metal shed. Firefighters laddered the roof of a one story commercial on the west side as an exposure precaution. Firefighters had the blaze out in 20 minutes. There cause of the late night fire is under investigation.

CA LA LAFD ;arge shed fire

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Does LA ever fight any fire in the daytime?  Do they ever fight a fire where they DON'T use a K-12 to cut locks?  LOL, just wondering……

    • ukfbbuff

      Of course they do. It's just that some of the fires that Dave chooses happen at night.

      When it comes to using a rotary saw to cut the locks, what would you use? LAFD and the rest of us in Caifornia use readily chain saws to cut roofs open.

      True, we know that the:

      "Axe always starts", but the chain saw is a bit faster in  making multiple cuts on a large roof area. 

  • FOBS

    As always, a fine job by LAFD!

    It must be a West Coast thing!


  • Left Coast

    Didn't look like that door was going to open…well, I'll make a door for ya!!!

    It's what aggresive firefighting is all about.  The entire 1st alarm can't all be on the tip.  Looks like they got it done aggressively & quickly.