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Raw video & radio traffic: 3-alarm house fire in Lodi, NJ.

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Video from homer218· of a three-alarm fire early this morning at 95 Arnot Street in Lodi, New Jersey. No further information.

NJ Lodi house fire

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  • Fire21

    LOVE the flag design on the side of that aerial!!!

  • Volunteer for life

    Way to go Lodi. 6 million in trucks with 60 guys and the fire gets worse. Wow small job 2 lines may be 8 guys interior shoulda held that..

    • Anonymous

      Would you PLEASE go back into your Mom's basement and just play your video games?

      Your consistent expounding of your fire service "expertise" is really getting bothersome to the people who do this job and shows your immaturity.

      Good luck with your career dispensing slurpees at 7-11.

  • Boots

    NO COMMENT…………That is sickening to watch….


  • Anonymous

    Whats more sickening is to know that the town has 3 engines, a ladder, and a rescue. Only 1 engine, a ladder, and the rescue rolled to this fire from town because no one wanted to get stuck pumping them so they drove their povs there with radios and gear. So there was big delay getting appartus and manpower inside.

  • FD

    WOW…does anyone remember this same department at the car fire. Terrible job then, and terrible job now!

  • cbj

    Typical of many NJ departments where equipment is plentiful and duplicated from town to town. I know of one county all the way down south that has more heavy rescue trucks within a ten miles aea than FDNY has! This is a perfect example of the complete bullcrap behind the "community service" reason for joining the local fire company. Dont want to get "stuck" driving???? Pathetic!