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Into The Smoke, Season 1, Episode 1: Christiana House Fire.

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Congratulations to Dave Hernandez on the debut of Season 1 of Into The Smoke. Dave has been kind enough to provide some compelling video to over the past couple of years as he was putting this series together. Dave and his crew had a successful premiere party last night in New Jersey.

The first episode (above) features Delaware's Christiana Fire Company.

Into The Smoke

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  • Fire21

    Obviously some of these guys have seen some very high heat…melted eye shields and warped helmet brims.  I suggest they replace some of that stuff, it's probably lived beyond it's useful life.  Machismo has no place in the fire service.

    And several had unfastened SCBA waste belts.  Do they understand that the belt takes some of the load off their shoulders, allowing them to work longer with less exhaustion?  The SCBA harness can also serve as a handle for rescuers if the firefighter needs assisted removal.  Without the waste strap fastened, the SCBA can slip right off, leaving the rescuers carrying an air pac!

    Wonderful video, very intense.  Great narration.  Keep up the good work.

    • Fire21

      Yeah, I know it's spelled "waist".  My proofreader isn't working today.  LOL

  • JusSayin’

    "melted eye shields and warped helmet brims."

    Worthless as safety gear but to many they shout..  "I'm Salty.. MAS MACHO"

    To others of us, they send a different message:

     "I'm a narsissitic moron"  and  "Dangerous Children"


  • David S.

    I noticed that some ffs did not have their SCBA on as well , put your running gear on including your gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GetofyourSOAPBOX

    Instead of Monday morning quarterbacking every little thing they did wrong, how about noticing a staff piece of equipment going to a call.  The fact the fire went out, they knew what job they were assigned and didn't freelance, or stand in the front yard so they could get a cool Facebook Profile shot like you guys do.

    My recommendation to you is get off the computer at the firehouse and find something more productive, like taking pride in your fire department like these gentlemen do.  Better yet, put your Firefighting for dummies book back on the shelf and actually go "Train" for a change.  Watching videos on of people putting out fire and forcing doors, then criticizing them isn't going to make you any better of a fireman.

    • Fire21

      We don't know if they critiqued their performance, but I wonder, because the video is proudly posted.  If they don't tell themselves what they did wrong, and somebody else doesn't tell them, then what do they learn?…Nothing!  Will they become better firefighters?…No!  As a state-certified fire instructor and officer, I don't claim to be perfect, but I am qualified to recognize improper behavior at a fire scene.

      My recommendation to you is to stop being so sensitive and realize that only by critiquing each other will we all get better at doing this job.  Then we can lower the death and injury numbers.

  • Mike P.

    What did you guys think about the crews bashing out all of the glass in the house?


    • BH

      The sliding door was probably overkill.  

  • ricko

    Good video…good work.  Don't pay attention to the glove and buckle police.

  • Anonymous

    Nice ladder belts. Safety first boys and girls.

  • Really

    Macho fireman comments and waist straps, followed by this could have been done better…blah blah blah. These fireman get it, they go to fires, they train.  As a 25 year guy in the fire business i have melted my share of bourkes, face shields and goggles, to the point i cant afford to fix them after every blaze. Now then if you consider the call volume of this company and the number of members, thats a whole lot of money after each fire, couple that with oh 80-100 jobs a year total. I mean after all having a melted shield and bourkes is such a sign of being a cowboy, get over yourself. I have to laugh at the crazy safety comments that always accompany these videos. Wanna be safe, stay the hell home. This job is deadly, when done right people die. Good People, trained people get hurt everday doing this work, you are fooling yourself if you think that its about helmets and straps. The windows, oh the windows. 

    I used to be so dam proud of the men i fought fire with cause they didnt bitch, they took the heat, made the hard push and got it done. These days that type of action is rare. Thank god for facebook and computers, a whole generation of keyboard safety chiefs to make my job safer. Just what the world needed.

    • AbsoluteReality

      Well said "really".!!  Totally supported the concept of Dangerous Narcissistic Children.

      You further validate the many never mature.

      Some spend years on the job spreading their immaturity.

      Others just get dead yet ironically continue to spread their poison as they somehow achieve the status of "fallen hero".  

      What a blessing it was, now almost 45 years ago, to have been mentored by ADULT professional FF's who would have taken several of those look at me little fire-pukes out behind the station for an attitude adjustment.


  • E24 4 ever

    I like cutting a hole in the roof after the fire is out…. 


  • Engine5er

    Didn't like this episode no sex or romance.  Maybe add a few hottie female firefighters and get the action going!  Don't glamourize what you did . . . work on doing it better next time.  Save the productions for Hollywood. 

  • John Hoffman

    "Machismo has no place in the fire service"

    Are you kidding me? Do you want to push down some dark smoke filled hallway into God knows what with some sniveling coward behind you that is going to bail on you at the first sign of some heat? The fire service is exactly the place for "machismo"! You guys can call it narcissism or ego if you want, we call it pride. If you don't have that same pride in where you ride something is wrong. I'm a member of Christiana Fire Company and my name is John Hoffman, I won’t hide behind some pseudonym on the internet and run my mouth. Are we perfect? Absolutely not! Do we strive to be? Every day! I can think of no finer group of individuals than the men and women of Christiana Fire Company that it has been my privilege to ride alongside of.

  • IgoTOfires

    "melted eye shields and warped helmet brims" and "unfastened waist belt straps"

    Ya know, I think its kind of funny that after watching all that, you managed two whole paragraphs to nit pick and be negative about this fire. Yet, you had not one good thing to say about this operation. Did the lines get stretched? Were searches made? Did the fire go out? YES. Did the "melted eye shields" have an effect on the outcome of this fire? NO. Companies arrived, went to work based on their assigments. These dudes look the way they do because they don't stand on the front lawn like most of the people probably do who are on here bashing this video. Aggressive, hard hitting, and proud are a few words I would associate with Christiana firemen. Go decorate your parade engine, wear your safety vest, or become a chief of an online fire department; the firemen will continue to go to fires, and do what they do. Have a nice day!

  • Volunteer for life

    Great job boys!!! Reminds me of my co.

  • R1

    that guy at the 6:35 mark is the Man!

  • BCFDHoseHumper

    Why is no one making fun of them for being chest bumping job stealing volunteers??

  • Anonymous


    Just a cautionary note. It's starting to smell like The Watchdesk in here…

  • EngineBoss

    This video was produced and posted on this website, and contrary to some of the beliefs on here, actual firefighters and officers who do more than stand on a lawn do view the videos and a lot of them are actually watched at stations to get guys talking about what they see both good and bad.  While there are many guys who like to call themselves firefighters that come on here and bash guys for little things, there is some real criticism here coming from guys who have been there.  I'm sure there's plenty of guys posting on here that have gotten hurt doing the exact stupid shit they see on here, and probably quite a few with cancer of some sort that also like to chime in from time to time.

    Years ago, you learned from the firefighters you worked with.  You gained experience fighting fires and passed it down as you got older.  Now fires are fewer, and the internet is a source of training and amusement for fiefighters across the country.

    This fire had its problems.  Lots of them do.  If you put a video of your fire up, inevitably someone is going to say something.  Firefighters used to have thick skin too… obviously that has thinned for many over the years.

    Theres a lot of personal preference here in terms of gear.  I had bourkes on my helmets over the years.  I don't have them anymore.  I don't have any eye protection on my helmet at all anymore.  Everything melts, they are expensive, and they are also heavy.  Keeping melted bourkes on your helmet is nothing more than a way of trying to look salty.  Once they are melted they are useless.  Bent up and scorched leathers also reach a point where they are no longer safe.  I have a few in my office at home that I retired over the years that now serve as conversation pieces.  They remind me of the good things and the bad things I did over the years.  Now I wash my helmet after fires and pretty much do anything I can to reduce the risk of getting cancer.  I've seen too many brothers that have had it or have died from it way too early.  My wife and family are the ones I think about.  I'd like to enjoy my retirement with them longer than a couple years.

    I also have learned a lot more compassion for folks who call 911.  A lot of people today are broke.  A lot of people cant afford insurance.  When you call the fire department, the last thing they need is a bunch of guys tearing their house apart.  It's bad publicity.  While many folks don't realize why we do some of the things we do, most of us on here do.  So when guys comment on unnecessary holes in the roof, every window in the place being broken out, or other over the top damage, those opinions are coming from guys who most likely have some experience.

    Yes, you can point out plenty of "unsafe" things here.  And you know what, those things are all true observations.  Waist straps, gloves, SCBA, Officers with no gear right up at the door, guys running, no ladder belts, that kind of shit.  Do we all do those things?  At one point or another every single firefighter here has.  Should we bash those looking out for us?  Is it a way for guys to justify unsafe things… to call out those who point it out as safety morons or yard breathers?  It shouldn't be.  In the video are guys throwing ladders, and one of the guys doesn't have any gloves on.  Throwing ladders that you are taking windows out with.  Well guess what?  You absolutely should have gloves on, and for a lot of different reasons.  Do we hang a guy for forgetting?  No.  In my house if a rookie forgets his gloves, he has to wear a new pair all shift.  This teaches them a lesson and breaks the new gloves in for the guy who gets them later, too.

    The guys in this video are acting as Special Services.  We don't use that terminology in our department, but I understand the concept.  I would imagine they act as RIT on some jobs.  As a RIT guy, waist straps should be something they want to see firefighters wearing.  If you drag a firefighter by his SCBA without a waist strap, you most likely will be dragging his SCBA, as well as his mask, and not the firefighter.  Waist straps are important and we all know it.  We all are guilty of not wearing them at times too, though.

    So when you go to a fire, the best thing I can tell you is that if people are video taping it, and someone is posting it, know that guys will have something to say about it.  What they say is what they see.  Give them good things to see.  Nobody is exempt.  Baltimore had a row job a few weeks ago and the OV got shit for going to the roof with his coat open and no SCBA to cut a hole.  Everyone knows Baltimore.  Not a lot of people know Christiana.  Comments will be made regardless of your department affiliation.

    Lastly, remember you are going to a fire in someones house.  Years ago a boss told me to pretend I was going to my parents house.  When you're about to do something stupid, ask yourself if that's what you would do at their house.  Bad fires are just that… Bad.  Things get destroyed.  Fires that aren't bad don't need to be made worse by the firefighters, and hey, when we all leave, the entire house shouldn't need to be boarded up if the only thing on fire was a top floor bedroom.  Customer Service is still a job of the fire department.

    So this was entirely too long, but overtime here at the firehouse is running because it's Christmas time and a lot of guys are off.  Older guys take the overtime and let the younger guys be home with their kids.  Those kids love you, just like your family, and just like your brothers here.  Stay safe, and stay healthy.


  • 53eng

    This is what I saw/heard, I heard a pretty good scene size up by the first in engine. I saw officers giving orders, I saw FF's following those orders…I saw a good command presence. I saw ladders being thrown, lines being stretched. Heck, I even saw a few well spoken officers representing our trade the way it needs to represented..We can always say the fire went out, I promise you, the fire will  eventually go out. I saw this fire go out because of well stretched, well placed hoselines in a coordinated attack with support activities..Remember this wasnt a single story-single family residential..This was a multiple family-multiple story job..You guys are nuts for not recognizing this..for the record, your negative comments are very predictable.. 



  • cbj

    The actual production and naration was very good. Now as for all the pushing and shoving I will take my turn. There are alotof valid points made here. 'Reality" makes some good points which I agree with. Despite the number of jobs seen it makes NO sense to continue working with melted, useless equipment other than to show off to whom ever. Many of these companies are weel funded and it is no secret that many of these guys buy their own gear, spend alot of money on it and other equipment. WHAT GOOD IS IT? You know darn well exactly why you keep it so stop making excuses! Not wearing waist straps for instance is just part of that "too cool" culture…what else would be the reason except if it doesnt fit, in which case perhaps a fitness for duty evaluation would be in order. I could give a rats behind about what they do, but one thing is for sure, there is NO EXCUSE at all for not wearing seat belts…NONE! I get very frustrated when I find the lack of smoke detectors at a fire, especially a fatal.I feel the same way at every vehicle crash when seat belts are not worn. Wht the hell are the Officers of this department, and the instructors doing about THIS? I do otherwise see some good aggressive work done here, quick and well placed tactics. Taking that slider out did initially vent alot of smoke. I have seen planty worse…PLENTY! My only complaints are as mentioned. Even if you continue to wear the heat badges of courage and ie you waist straps ina bow…please PLEASE wear the damn seat belts! Give me ONE good reason when riding for severl minutes down a highway with not a dam  thing to do during the ride that the seat belt isa problem. I see some good, obviously well-trained firefighters here…PROTECT YOURSELVES!

  • Carl

    "Really"….not only did you take the words out of my mouth but you killed it. Everyday i come on here and i see more stupid comment of "oh thats not how you do it thats a safty viloation" and this and that. Everyone knows when shit hits the fan its go time and im almost positive that a fucking melted bourke isnt going to kill you because you cant see shit in the first place. Now aday there so much monday quater backing and keyboard chiefs that think they know everylittle thing about firefighting and the hard facts are that no one does. Every situation is completly different. When i use videos for training i use real videos that have meaning such as the audio from the FDNY Black Sunday fire. We dont use stupid videos like this and point out his minor safty violations. You people who sit on the computers all day need to continue on with real firefighting not this computer bull shit. Like any real firefighter knows you learn from your mistakes and the mistake of others and you fix it and move on and you sure as hell dont listen to people who sit behind a computer and try and say someone isnt a good firefighter because they blew to many windows out or they didnt put there waist strap on

  • Fireboots

    Would wear my seatbelt though. Some idiot fails to yield, driver swerves to miss, big ass truck rolls over. Guess what? it don't much matter if your waist belt is buckled, or your Bourkes are melted now does it? Watch the traffic cam vid of the tiller roll over in Raleigh NC some time where the Co officer comes out the front windshield. Your butt is not going to stay planted in that big ol air pak seat no matter how secure it feels. Wear your belt untill you turn into the scene, pop it off and slip your arms through the straps and sung it all up as you walk to your assignement. It can be done, I know, I see guys do it. Yes I do it to. Do I miss the day's of riding to the call standing in the jump seat  looking across the top of the cab for the smoke when I was oh, 21? Every day. Am I glad the truck never crashed and I have made it to 52? Every day.

  • Anonymous

    Nice inspection hole, cut right through the truss. Who's the guy in the sweatshirt and radio taking pictures for his Facebook page? I guess they haven't seen the research the FDNY did.