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Raw video: 3-alarm house fire in Westford, Massachusetts.

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Video from Scott LaPrade (ffphotog) at taken at a house fire Friday afternoon on Beaver Brook Road in Westford, Massachusetts.

Rick Sobey,

At 12:46 p.m., Westford firefighters responded to 40 Beaver Brook Road for a report of a house fire, said Lt. Donald Parsons. They arrived to find bright orange flames and heavy smoke billowing skyward from the upper right windows of the two-story wood-frame Capestyle structure.

No one was home at the time of the fire, Parsons said.

"Unfortunately, the fire had a lot of headway before we were on scene," he said. "For safety reasons, we had to attack from the outside. It was a valiant effort from the team.

MA Westford house fire

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Comments - Add Yours

  • It happens

    Really!  What was the valiant effort?  All I saw was a bunch of yard breathers sucking air outside.  Is this the best we can do?  Nothing going on at all. Fire burned, guys walked around, squirted some stuff here and there, fire eventually burned out when it ran out of fuel, guys patted themselves on their backs. 


    What the f—.No water on the fire and truck co. doing what?

  • ftroop52

    was the house left to burn for training ?, or insurance purposes ?,,,most departments anymore should just adopt the " surround and drown method ".  parades,million dollar equipment,fancy patches,safety vests,half price or free food at the diner, is not what firefighting should have become to in this day and time. i know many  departments are pro active and actually fight fire ,but hundreds of videos have left me embarrassed for those who have given all of themselves.

  • Scooter

    Was looking like they were doing a good job… then they just quit….. fire in the attic and corner of the house… don't give up boys…. strike da box K

  • ThatGuy

    Must have been a training burn……..



    • Sharppointy1

      My thught too.  But not much training (or firefighting) gooing on.  Would like to see more video, and the aftermath.  Was this a foundation save?

  • roofhook22

    And I say again, putting water on the fire from anywhere is better than watching it burn and not advancing on it.  If the interior would not allow an advance, knock some horsepower out of it from the exterior and get back to work.

  • cbj

    I gotta agree with Ftroop. Jutify not at least trying to put some water on it from outside if you can, but I sure as hell can't. I just dont understand this business anymore, who the heck makes these terrible dicessions?

  • Brent

    Not impressed at all…go inside, get the damn fire and put it out. That's what the public expects from us. What the heck was the platform doing?  Westford YB (yard breathers). Another example of a video that shouldn't be shared publicly. Embarrassing!

  • Glad-I-don’t-live-there

    What the video doesn't show…..the roof in the rear is already gone, and there are NO hydrants in that part of town….not everything goes according to your textbook……million dollar equipment ? a 3 year old eng to go with their 12 year old tower, along with their 14 ,18 and 23 year old engines…

    • 95%er

      1. NOT having hydrants is NO excuse. They knew there were no hydrants the day before the fire. If you don't have water in the ground, you bring it with you and plan your box alarm assigments accordingly.

      2. There is no fire that goes as the textbook says. That's why we have Plan A, and B and C. It really looks like these guys gave up and just accepted that nothing was going to work. If the roof is gone, that means the building is vented and its one less task to consider.

      Harsh, yes. Burning down a perfectly good home is never an acceptable outcome.

    • Mack Seagrave

      'Glad', the town's website lists the apparatus the department has. Oddly enough it appears they don't have any tankers. I have to consider it to be a serious failure of the department's leadership to not provide the firefighters with equipment that is designed to contend with the issues presented by the response area they cover first due. If you have areas without hydrants, you have to bring sufficient water with you. Fail to prepare … Prepare to fail !!!

  • David S.

    What is this from the The Three Stooges comedy hour from the 60's. Sad very Sad no attempt to do any fire attack.


    I was listening to this one on the scanner, seemed like a lot wasn't going well for them.

  • Not a MMQ

    Yeah, like putting the fire out! Lol that was funny, and true. 

  • Jeff Dostalek

    Where is the hole in the roof? Jezz

  • Big Mose

    No tankers?  That house wasn't built yestersay.  Old equipment?  Would two new pumpers given a better result?  No plan, and even worse, it appears years of no leadership.