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Raw video: Firefighters rescue Golden Retriever from icy Charles River in Wellesley, MA.

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Raw video above from the rescue yesterday of Crosby, a Golden Retriever, on the Charles River at the Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Below is the story put together by the Wellesley Police Department.

Garrett Quinn,

A five-year-old Golden Retriever named Crosby was located near a difficult to reach section of the reservation in the Winding River Circle area of Wellesley after a 911 call came in from the owner. Police and fire officials used GPS data from the cell phone to zero in on the exact location of the dog.

Wellesley Firefighter Dave Papazian, equipped in a cold water survival suit, swam his way out to the stranded dog and helped bring him back to shore. He was assisted by a another firefighter, Paul Delaney.

MA Wellesley dog rescue 3

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MA Wellesley dog rescue 4

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  • Bernie E.

    Way to go guys. !!


  • Putz48

    Now that's a happy ending, Thank you to all you do even the four legged friends.. you rock! 

  • Amy

    Great Job with your Crosby Rescue !  I am a Mercer Co. PA Animal Response Team Member, and just wanted to recognize all the efforts of the agency's & staff involved !

  • Fire Dude

    Nice to see a rescue no matter it be human or other creature.


    Great work guys!! FFs understand better than most that fourlegged family members are just as important. (If not moreso in some cases, lol…)

  • Anonymous

    Great xmas story!  Got to love that double coat on those Goldens!

  • Fire21

    We help those who are in danger, no matter who or what it mighrt be.  Great work by the brother firefighters and law officers.