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Raw video: Three fires from Los Angeles.

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We have video from three different fires in Los Angeles in recent days. Above is a short clip from Jan Flix showing a neighbors house burning at 4229 Don Diablo Drive in Baldwin Hills yesterday.

Below are two house fires shot by firelensman at the end of last week. Here's his description:

12-19-2013 / 12-20-2013 Los Angeles Firefighters attack Attic Fires in Mid-City and Echo Park districts of L.A. The first fire was on the 2600 block of South Dunsmuir Avenue in Mid-City. Engine 68, Task Force 94 first on scene had smoke showing from a single story, single family dwelling. Firefighters vented the roof, stretched lines and pulled ceiling, knocking down the fire in 30 minutes. No reported injuries, the fire is under investigation. The second fire occurred at 1510 Mohawk Street in Echo Park, Task Force 20, Engine 6 first on scene had heavy smoke showing. Once again L.A. Firefighters vented the roof, stretched lines and pulled ceiling. This time Firefighters chased the fire around the attic and had the main bulk of fire out in less than an hour. The residents escaped but one of their dogs was overcome by the deadly smoke. Damage was extensive, the cause of the late night fire is under investigation.

CA Los Angeles Baldwin Hills fire

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  • Chief Ura Nutz

    Well once again LA dimwits. Who is the moron on the roof with no SCBA, no gloves, no fire hood standing on a well ventilated roof near power lines. Ai least a picture of him posing up there will look nice on his holy card at his funeral. Fall in the roof and then what tough guy,  This total idiot should disciplined to the high heavens,  It appears he is wearing a red helmet, and that would make him Captain Idiot. What his wrong with these LA daredevils, they will one day see the light, vent and get off the f ing roof, and wear the proper gear. How sad.  No excuse. Maybe his New Year resolution will  be to get his head out of his ass. Dont defend this joint because that is what he his

  • tim cavnah

    could not have said that any better myself!!!!! i am both one of the grunts and a(n) fire instructor full time and then i have a couple of part time fire/medic jobs also. i am as agressive and hard core a firefighter if not more than the next guy on the job, but i'm atleast smart about it!!!!! i use my F"&KING PPE!!!!! i mean wow what a professeional dumbass!!!!!! to tell you the truth every video i've watched on those guys i have yet to see one of them be agressive and safe together!!! way to show how we all do our jobs brothers!!!!!!

    its firefighters like you that give the rest of us bad comparisons!!!!!!

    maybe you guys should concider going into quilt making as a new career, then you can piss around and f"@;k off and take as much time as you want and stand around or sit around like all your videos show you union brothers doing!!!!!!!

    tim cavnah 

  • Not your brother

    Hey dipshits. Let me start off by saying that that moron you are talking about is a top notch captain and former apparatus operator who I am absolutely sure has been to more fires than you two clowns put together. You guys weren’t there so you have no idea what conditions were really like and the integrity of that roof. Any decent fireman who was on the roof that night would know there was no chance of falling through it. That is the difference btw you roobs and the lafd. Your lack of experience, tactics, and building construction knowledge cause you to Monday morning quarterback a tiny attic fire, when in actuality you have no idea what you are talking about. If that moron was so unsafe, how was he able to thrive in a position where all he did was cut holes on roofs with actual working fires for years, and in an era where the lafd went to large fires constantly? I’ll tell you how. Sound operations and tactics, and an expertise background in building and roof construction. Tell ya what Tim, as hardcore and aggressive of firefighter you are, I’ll follow that guy with no breather on a roof anywhere rather than work next to your fully encapsulated ass. You can be fully suited up at every fire and feel like a badass aggressive guy, but if you don’t know how to read a roof or where to stand on one, then you’re a greater risk for yourself and everyone else on that fire ground. And by reading what you two wrote, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Not your brother

    Watch the video again. Never would I say don’t wear your breather, but did you see anyone up there with there actual mask on. Take it from someone who was actually cutting up there, it was nothing more than a 36lb backpack. I still always put it on my back, but then again, I’m not going to question the ability of or call a captain 2 a moron because he didn’t wear his breather to 10×10 attic fire where the attic was only 18 inches deep. Idiots