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Must see video: Santa shot in Nation’s Capital. Pellet gun fells St. Nick as camera rolled. DC firefighters & Grinch rush to Santa’s aid.

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A man in a Santa Claus suit was shot in the back with a pellet gun Tuesday morning at a toy giveaway in Southeast.

According to an ABC7 photographer who was interviewing the victim at the time of the shooting, the man in the Santa suit was struck in his upper back. He was transported to a nearby hospital with the pellet still lodged in his shoulder.

Witnesses report hearing two shots. Police believe they came from a second story window in a nearby building.

"Santa" wanted to continue giving away presents, but paramedics insisted he be transported to the hospital. He is expected to be OK and make a full recovery.

The toy giveaway did go on. A man playing the Grinch stepped in to help.

DC Santa shot

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Comments - Add Yours

  • livindadream

    It had to be Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Santa's white and she wasn't about to see a man of color do a good deed. 

  • SFC

    What kind of an animal could shoot Santa.  I sure hope karma catches up with them.

  • JustSayin’

    Here is an opportunity to score some positive PR.

    During the day, in order to to protect community workers,  loan out the Kevlar Vests the members are getting for their night-long "soft cover" assignments.

    Defiinite "WIN – WIN". 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe next year MPD can join Santa instead of the FD. It's oblivious that their presence did not deter any crime. But on the bright side, their chute times were under a minute.

  • Ritt

    I would not be spreading the Christmas spirit if I expressed my feelings about what should be done to someone who shoots Santa Claus in the back on Christmas Eve.

  • Anonymous

    Really? A pellet laid him out?

  • cladcromwell

    Probably wouldn't have happened if  E-15 had been "soft-posting."


    Dave…in your headline, you state the Grinch rushed to Santas aid, however, I didn’t see Ellerbe anywhere in this video..

  • Sharppointy1

    What is this world coming to? Shooting Santa?  Glad it was just a pellet.

    LOL'd at the repeated question "should I call 911?"  Evil me thought of Santa thinking , "Nah, just get a couple of elves over here to fix me up & I'll be as good as new".

    Wonder what the ambulance response time was for a Santa shooting?

    • VanMan

      In DC? Probably three hours. Or they had to wait for mutual aid from Bethlehem (PA, that is.)

  • Hawk

    And to think for all these years Philly residents were villified for throwing mere snowballs at Santa. Way to go DC!

  • ghengis khan

    One thing for sure Van Man, we don’t need mutual aide from from pennsyltucky, because it would be 3hrs. Stay there and run your 5 calls per week, we got this down here.

    • VanMan

      Don't worry, guy, I won't try to trespass in your territory. We'll stick with quality, not quantity.

  • ghengis khan

    Nice, well we will stick with experience vs inexperience

    • VanMan

      BTW, I'm not from PA, nor am I a voluteer there. I'm career like you. I was merely making a comment about the EMS situation in DC… and I doubt that's your fault.