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Twas the night before Christmas & firefighters in Oviedo, Fl did hear such a clatter that they rose to see what was the matter.

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Twas the night before Christmas. Okay, to be more exact, it was the overnight of the night before Christmas. Three-thirty Christmas Eve morning. But as is likely to happen on Christmas Eve, firefighters at Oviedo, Florida's Fire Station 44 actually did hear such a clatter that they rose to see what was the matter. That noise announced the arrival and rapid departure of a pair of secret Santas who had left some presents for these lucky firefighters.

The big item was a BMW SUV. How many of you have citizens in your community so generous that they would leave such a big ticket item for their firefighters? I am sure no one is raising their hand. It just doesn't happen that way. That's why my guess is this visitor really was Santa and a helper. And there are a lot of clues pointing in that direction.

First of all, we know Santa is very good at handling reindeer power. But he doesn't have quite the same skill at handling horsepower. I'm thinking it's a combination of this lack of skill and Santa's desire not to be spotted that explains why the SUV was actually left in the closed bay door and into a fire truck and a battalion chief's vehicle. I guess Santa also wanted to make sure firefighters didn't overlook his gift.

FL Oviedo crash into firehouse

Whether it was Santa or someone else, whoever dropped this off left before firefighters were able to thank them for such thoughtfulness. I'm sure if they had the chance, the firefighters would have also explained their bosses probably wouldn't let them accept the gift, especially since it belonged to someone else (it was a rental).

It turns out that just before the firehouse visit, police in Oviedo also wanted to thank these fine folks for some act of kindness. They took off in a flash. With the police trying to catch up, that's when the pair quickly dropped their presents at Station 44.

Don't worry though, the police are working very hard to make sure the great charitable work of this fine duo does not go unrecognized. Some red fluid found in the car is being analyzed by police evidence technicians. Personally, I think that will prove to be a dead end. I truly doubt that Santa's DNA is in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement database.

There were other gifts left at the firehouse besides the SUV. Still, I'm very confident the firefighters also won't be able to accept the prescription drugs and crack cocaine found inside the BMW. But it's that clue that cinches it for me. This must be Santa! As I recall, Clement Clarke Moore, one of the few people who ever saw Santa on his rounds, wrote this line about the experience, "The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath".

Much like many of you will be doing tomorrow, the firefighters will have to return these gifts. Still, let's not lose sight of the fact that it's always the thought that counts.

In their haste to leave before being spotted, I doubt that Santa and friend had time to leave a message for these fine public servants in Oviedo. But if they had I'm absolutely certain it would be the very same message all of us here at have for you today, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

NOTE: In case you aren't buying my well thought-out theory on this event, here is the mainstream news media's coverage of the incident. But we know how negative they are and how they twist things.

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  • Sharppointy1

    What a thoughtful gift! Complete with drugs! Too bad a smashed up BMW SUV has little retail value – otherwise I'd suggest the Oviedo FD be able to sell the car & use the money for repairs. 

    Glad no FF's were hurt.