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Must see pre-arrival video: Flashover at Pensacola house fire.

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(NOTE: A very special thanks to reader Eric Crist for alerting to this video. Much appreciated.)

The video above was taken before firefighters arrived at 400 W. Jordan Street in Pensacola, Florida on Christmas Day. The house lights off at 1:50 in the video. At the end there is also a slow motion view. Thanks to Albert Collins for allowing to share this video. Here's a brief news story about the fire.

FL Pensacola house fire flashover composite

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully we'll see some operations videos.


  • Bert

    Why were the one filming it laughing in the beggining!


  • Sharppointy1

    Oh how I wish one of our professional photographers had filmed this…….

    Thank you to Albert Collins for letting Dave and us see it.  I would probably have dropped the phone when it flashed over.

  • DC Truck

    I am by no means an expert on the subject, but, due to the fact that there was a huge but breif expansion of fire under to portico ceiling and no stainable volume of fire coming from the front of the attic immediately after ignition, I believe what we saw here was actually a smoke explosion in the attic, not a flashover. In the end, though, they basically have the same results. 

    • Anonymous

      This is nowhere close to being a smoke explosion.  

    • Fire21

      DC Truck, I was gonna comment about that too, thinking it was a smoke eplosion. But the last time I did that, it started a big argument about what is and isn't a smoke explosion/backdraft/flashover, so I let it slide.  Thanks for bringing it up.

    • FirefighterM

      I would definitely agree with you on the smoke explosion. It gets mixed up with flashover a lot though.

  • Larry

    Didn't these people at least have the heart to call the Fire they do is laugh and talk about how the house is burning down

    • Michael

      If you listened to the video, they did call. There is a reference to a call that took place before they shot the video and they call again to report that the fire had worsened towards the end of the video.

  • Carl

    Why are people complaining about how lon the fd took the video is only 3 minutes long 

  • ricko

    Entitlement society…..

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I'll bet that guy's camera also makes phone calls…

  • RJ in florida

    i love it when civilians get scared at fires

  • Foo Fee

    Stop typing “&#039ll” in your comments you idiots. It doesnt make any sense, or cents.