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Pre-arrival video: Green-line squad in action at Los Angeles yard fire that spreads to home.

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Pre-arrival video from LOUDLABS NEWS of a yard fire around 10:30 PM Christmas Eve that spread to a home in Los Angeles. One person is on the roof and two or three more on the ground with green lines in action before firefighters arrive on the scene. According to the description, the home is in the 14000 block of Denver in Athens Park. One injury reported.

CA Los Angeles LAFD Athens Park house fire 1

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CA Los Angeles LAFD Athens Park house fire 2

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  • Fire21

    I don't mean to be overly critical, but was anyone besides the green line operators actually trying to extinguish the fire?  We hear the ever-present chain saw, but never really saw much from LAFD.  Just wondering, because we did see from a variety of camera locations.

  • Roscoe

    Is this perhaps where the term, "pissing against the wind originated"?

  • Armchair QB

    Fire21 I had the same thoughts – always hear the saw going but don't see alot of water flowing

  • slackjawedyokel

    did the bird make it ?

  • RJ in florida

    just once i'd like to see the green line get a knockdown…..(just kidding) a super soaker could probibly do better

    psycologicly use of the green line gives a person the feeling that they are "doing something" and its fun to watch….i'd also like to see a company come up and "just watch" somebody with a green line as a gag video an root fo them

    i know i'm gonna get ripped fo this post