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And the walls came tumbling down. Watch this fireground interview.

KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source

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It always helps to have a good background for your interviews, but sometimes your background doesn't cooperate. In this case, a fire in an old vacant Porterville, California commerical building, the interview with the fire official had what was left of the structure as its background. But, as you will see, the background wouldn't stay still and quickly became the focus of everyone's attention.


Arson investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that broke out inside a vacant Porterville hotel.

It is one of Porterville's oldest buildings, 124-years-old.

The fire forced city leaders to declare a state of emergency.

The flames also damaged several businesses next to the hotel including an auto parts store.

The owner of the store says it is too early to decide his next step.

CA Porterville walls collapse at fire

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    LOL, always conduct on-camera interviews with the fire building in the background!

  • Dickey

    Hmmm….City owned building that the City could not afford to tear down but wants to build something modern there….


    I think this is a clue!

  • ukfbbuff

    Could be or some squatters and so on. A warming fire getting out hand possibly?

    Weather wise it has been cold in the central valley area of California the past couple of weeks.