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Must see video: Close call for firefighter after explosions at Wenatchee, WA garage fire.

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Above is video by neighbor Jacob Norton of a December 15 fire in a garage on Bryan Street in Wenatchee, Washington. Firefighter Glenn Smith was on the line when the two explosions occurred.

Dee Riggs, of The Wenatchee World:

The fire, which destroyed the garage and a vehicle inside, happened inside a garage that was used to store black powder by a person who was a hobbyist in pyrotechnics. The man, a resident of the home at 140 S. Franklin St., had been doing metal work inside the garage shortly before the fire was reported, (Fire Marshal Mark) Yaple said.

WA Wenatchee explosion composite

The man was building a machine that would make fireworks, but he was not actually making fireworks in the garage. Yaple said the small amount of black powder in the garage was legal. He estimated the amount at less than 5 pounds.

Propane tanks were also stored inside the garage, and it was not known whether the black powder or a propane tank cause the explosion that engulfed Smith.

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  • Fireguy

    Two windows, two rooms, two floors, 2 1/2".


  • Fire21

    Any questions about why you wear full PPE properly donned?

  • OldSutterOne

    From the recorded conversation of the person making the video, it sounded like he knew that something could blowup. "If they get water into there quick it won't go". Was the responding FD aware of the potential???? 

  • puzzled

    That my friends is what black powder looks like when it goes off. It also leaves a nasty brown deposit in one's drawers. Been there, done that.

    • ftroop52

      i left a nasty brown deposit once at the bank…….

  • donnie g


  • Dickey

    "CLEAN UP IN ASILE 3!!""

  • FF Dave

    Yep, score one for full PPE on everything, even those nasty garbage fires.  You just never know what's burning anymore so better safe that sorry…just ask Glen Smith.  BTW, there was some violet flames in there near the end which indicates Potassium Chloride burning.

  • Nick

    Not necessarily KCl but a Potassium based compound as many Pyrotechnic formulas contain different compounds of Potassium, but ultimately none with KCl.