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Arrival video & great citizen commentary: Youngstown, OH church fire.


Video above is not family or office friendly.

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NOTE: If f-bombs and other similar language offends you may I suggest watching the video above with the sound turned down. Also, thanks to reader Dan Kishton for finding this gem.

We have been blessed in recent weeks with not only compelling video but great play-by-play and color commentary from the public. The video above from ELPRESADOR is no exception. The fire occurred around 10:00 this morning at Mount Calvary Church on Oak Hill Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio.

Also, I have not been able to determine if the reference to an injury suffered by a "safety crew member" in the article below means firefighter.


Heavy smoke was seen in the area as fire swept through the roof of the building.

Most of the damage was contained to the prayer tower or rotunda of the church. Damage estimates are at about $100,000.

Witnesses said a safety crew member was taken from the scene by ambulance after an object fell on him.

OH Youngstown Church fire

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  • Thomas


  • Sharppointy1

    Oh! My delicate ears are blushing!

    So I LOL'd at "It's gonna blow up!"  Poor firefighters – couldn't catch a break from those bystanders.  Looks like they were doing a good start on the job to me.

  • Captain Retired NJ

    The best part of all videos on Statter are the civilian commentaries. Sometimes comic relief is a good thing. These folks are typical of the lower end of the spectrum.

    • RJ in florida

      civilian expert comment is essential to successful operations-they are "after all" experts in firefighting and their obvious concern about "its gonna blow up" is a testament to their years of "civilian" expertise in watching fires—GOD DAVE I LOVE THESE VIDS!

  • Dickey

    That's crazy!

  • Anonymous

    Thats the best commentary i have heard in a long time  haha

  • roofhook22

    Hats off to YFD, solid work.

  • Mack Seagrave

    The cast of idiots doing the commentary would make a Saturday Night Live skit. 

  • tHUNDEr


  • beast


  • Volunteer for life

    Why put that handline in a collapse zone? What was the purpose? Tower driver nice position for a defensive already lost fire.

    • Bob the Builder

      Defensive already lost fire? The fire was contained to the "Tower" (as the church calls it) above the entrance. No fire damage to the sacristy (main church area), just smoke. They will resume church services there next week.

  • Fire21