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Caught on video: Another idiot arsonist sets himself on fire.

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The Daily Mail:

This is the moment an arsonist tried to burn down a convenience store – but caught his foot as well.

Captured on CCTV, the man is seen creeping into Supps R Us in Melbourne, Australia, clutching a jerrycan at 4am on Boxing Day.

The bizarre footage shows him running to the back of the warehouse out of view – before leaping wildly towards the door, his left leg ablaze.

Fire crews called to the site at 4.20am spent an hour fighting the flames, which were continually refuelled by exploding bottles.

But they were unable to save the shop, which burned to the ground.

AU Melbourne arsonist sets fire to self

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Hope they caught the SOB!!

  • Sharppointy1

    Karma's a bitch, eh mate?  Gives a new meaning to the phrase "hot foot it on out of there".  (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

  • ukfbbuff

    Gee, stupidity at its Best!

  • RJ in florida

    guess we didnt remember to stop deop and roll