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Raw video: Four-alarm house fire with water supply problems in New Durham, NH.

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Video from FireNewsPhotography of what became a four-alarm fire on Ridge Road in New Durham, New Hampshire. The video above was taken as the first-alarm companies were working. The one below is after the 4th-alarm and an evacuation were ordered (1:50). The description with the video says there were water supply problems.

NH New Duram Ridge Road house fire 2

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NH New Durham Ridge Road house fire

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  • Scooter

    I guess the 2nd floor / kneewalls were not checked quick enough for extension?  Also I can see why they had a water supply problem…Tankers just sitting there and no port-a-tank down for them to shuttle water to… Tankers need to be moving and dumping …not sitting and pumping……plus they had the road blocked up… Strike Da Box! K

    • CoalCracker

      It does seem as if they did everything in their power to block the road. I'm not sure why every piece has to be jacked across both lanes like that.


  • Anonymous

    Proper roof venting and overhaul?

  • steve

    Whats up with the camera guy? Was he drunk? Now I've got motion sickness. 

    I wonder if the open front door in high wind conditions played into this fire. From the video, it sounds & looks like the wind was blowing right in the front door at a pretty good clip.

    • Fire21

      I also wondered about if they broke too many windows, thereby losing control of ventilation.  With no way to limit fresh air intake, the fire could run rampant throughout.  It was pretty obvious early on that the fire was in the attic.  But since I don't know what they did or didn't do, I'll keep silent.

    • Sharppointy1

      Ditto on the motion sickness.  Wish we coud have seen the natural progression from the first video to the time they called for evacuation.  I too wonder about the air flow through the front door fueling this.  Sad loss, looks like a beautiful, possible historic home.

  • David

    The only truck (that showed up) on the 1st alarm, that has a dump valve was the primary pumper which was a M/A truck. The first 15 mins of the fire was handled by a total of 4 firefighters.

  • NJ FF

    We are definitley missing something . Looked like a good stop in first video , then with high winds and unchecked fire it went bad .

    The video seems to have a time lapse between the two also .

    I would like someone from this departmen to better explain

  • Michael Gove

    Balloon construction?

    • Mack Seagrave

      Balloon construction is likely. Early on, this fire needed a charged line on the 2nd floor as well as plenty of members with hooks opening up. Keep opening walls and ceilings until all evidence of fire extension is gone. A hole in the roof early on would have improved visibility and lessened banked down heat on the 2nd floor as well as allowed fire to vent harmlessly into the air rather than traveling laterally throughout the space above the top floor ceilings when it reached the underside of the roof boards. Bread and butter fire that wasn't handled properly. Hopefully nobody was injured.

  • ftroop52

    maybe someone started the ppv fan,,,it seems to be SOP nowadays ?, forget the water,your task is to start that fan !, and get your safety vest on,the chief is on his way here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one never knew how firefighting across the country was so far behind in this day and time,,,,,,,,until the internet came along. geeezzzzzzzz

  • Nick

    Mack, you hit right on the head. What you described happened and you are correct as to what should have happened. Here lies the problem, the first due was an out of town engine they knocked down the initial fire. Next two apparatus had operators and 2 additional FFs. 4th due was the RIT company from 2 towns away (20 mins) 5 guys and a chief. Three of which made entry to the second floor to open it up, the video shows what happened from there. To little to late.  Never was was there enough manpower to deploy a second line or vent the roof. Therefore additional alarms where requested. 

    • Mack Seagrave

      Thanks for the information Nick. It's so dangerous for communities to not have adequate fire protection. Hopefully nobody was injured.

  • NhNhNhNh

    New Durham NH has a population of 2,200 in a 44 square mile area. There are some fulltime firefighters in adjacent fire departments (which are approx 5 miles away). Possibly they recenlty switched dispatch centers. IIRC they were dispatched by Lakes Region Fire Dispatch for 20 or 30 years. Now they might be dispatched by a agency in Strafford County. New Durham might border on 2 or 3 different counties.