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Helmet-cam video: Garage fire in Reading, PA.

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Video from Steve Ginder of a garage fire on Saturday in Reading, PA. Here's the description with the video:

Reading Fire Department PA 129 W. Greenwich St. Structure Fire Engine 3 Drivers View Helmet Cam. While responding to another box, Engine 3 diverted to check a large smoke column. Car 4 arrived to find a fully involved garage attached to a 2 1/2 story end of the row. Engine 3 had 3 lines stretched and fire contained to building of origin.

PA Reading Greenwich Street house fire

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Comments - Add Yours

  • SFC

    I would have parked closer and used the deck gun to knock down the fire. 

  • Not in the IAFF

    No sense of urgency, poor hose management, uncertain pump procedures, spitting on it from the outside with an 1.75".  These guys are understaffed by choice, refuse mutual aide, and are an example of unionism gone wrong.  Also, for their activity level, they're just not that competent. 

    Nine two-man companies in 10 square miles would only make sense to a union man. 

    • Miss You ;)

      Sour Grapes??? How's Drexel Former Fire Chief Hollinger??? 

    • Proud RFD Officer

      Whoever this joker is, obviously somebody that couldnt make the cut to be a firefighter here in Reading. The ability to utilize your 500 gallons of on board water in the most methodical way, with a manageable handline is a practice that should be taught. To often 1st arriving companies shoot their "load" from a deck gun, only to blacken down some fire, and WAIT for a supply to continue. Reading firefighters are among the BEST in the country, You need to look no farther than the Reading Eagle today where, although the child died, the grab on the 3rd floor was made within 6 minutes of being on scene. I commanded a fire recently, in which a grab was made on the 2nd floor. the woman was unconscious and is alive today!  I'd put these guys up against any department in the country, Anyday ! I've been an officer here since 1996, and a chief since 2002. I see 1st hand the quality people we have. Anyone of them could work in any other dept. But not just anybody can work here and make it…

  • Fire21

    They had success with the 1-1/2, but I would have ordered a 2-1/2 for that amount of fire.  Looked like they did a pretty good job overall, what we could see.

    Used to be it was called "stretching a hose".  Nowadays it seems to be "dump the hose and let someone else straighten it out".

  • IAFF Proud

    not in the IAFF sounds like a former disgruntled chief that got ousted from the reading fire dept….hose deployment could have been better but i think the big picture here is that amount of fire went out in under 6 minutes( not counting overhaul and hot spots) with 1 guy on a line and 1 guy pumping.the truck was parked perfect for what you dont see in the video is the power lines that already dropped and are still live on the sidewalk(hence the hitting innitially from a distance)..might sound alittle crazy to some but those guys in readingare well versed in handling big fires with the little manpower they have.

  • Anonymous

     Undermanned , they did what they could do with the man power they had, I'm a paid 27 yr veteran and the comments I read about the Monday morning quarterbacking are a disgrace, IAFF I'm sure your perfect, keep your negative comments to yourself, your and embarrassment !



  • Old Back Step Fireman

    Agree with Anonymous. 'Not in the IAFF' sounds like one of those who blame all unions for everything that's wrong with this country today. That and he's one of those candy-ass vollies who never pass up a chance to bash paid firefighters out of pure jealousy (sp.) because he belongs to the Dog Patch VFC that can't put out a rubbish can fire without calling for a 'second'. A nice hot cup of STFU to him and all the other ankle biters of the world.

  • Your soul supporter

    Dave, Had you supported me instead of throwing me under the bus we could have fixed this place. I chose to stay and fight. I was disappointed that you chose to abandon me.