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One firefighter marriage proposal stirs hearts. Another stirs controversy.

Firefighter proposals

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More video & pictures of Ephrata proposal at Firefighters Worldwide.

Check the headlines above for quite different views on a very similar activity. In Ephrata, Pennsylvania a firefighter using fire equipment and fellow firefighters as part of his marriage proposal is said to have melted hearts. In Queensbury, New York the use of a rig and firefighters to pop the question five days earlier has become controversial after a town supervisor questions the propriety and potential liability..

Steve Flamisch, WNYT-TV:

Two days before Christmas, two fire trucks pulled into Lake George Plaza on Route 9 with emergency lights flashing. Firefighters told Emily Murray and the other employees in her store to leave the building.

When the workers stepped outside, they realized the store was not on fire. The evacuation was actually an elaborate ruse. A moment later, West Glens Falls volunteer firefighter Kevin Bruster asked Murray to marry him. She said yes.

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Town Supervisor Ron Montesi told NewsChannel 13 he is happy for the couple, but he questioned the use of fire department equipment and personnel – and the insurance liability – of the proposal.

"Is it good judgment? I would say no," Montesi said Tuesday. "People will look at that and say, 'Taxpayer money doing something like that? What if they were in an accident? What if we needed them for a fire?'"

Bruster and Murray did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday. West Glens Falls Volunteer Fire Chief Mike Gordon did not return a phone call, but he spoke to NewsChannel 13’s media partners at the Post Star earlier this week.

"I stand by what I did in this situation," Chief Gordon told the newspaper in a story published Tuesday morning. "If a taxpayer has any concerns, they should contact me. I have an open door policy."

Dan Nephin, Lancaster Online:

Ephrata Pioneer Fire Company firefighter Cameron Hildebrand didn't want to propose to his girlfriend, Kayleigh Peterson, the usual way.

"I didn't want to do the same old, out for supper, ring and food. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary," he said Monday.

Boy, did he. You could call it the three-alarm proposal.

While Peterson was sleeping over at his parents' house Saturday morning, about a dozen of his fellow firefighters arrived with a ladder truck.

They ran a smoke machine inside the house to set off the smoke alarms. Two firefighters went to the second-floor back bedroom, where Peterson was just awakening.

They took her out a front-room window, got her into the ladder truck's bucket and lowered her to the ground.

Hildebrand then came out from behind a truck, got down on a knee and proposed.

She said yes.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • pumpertrash

    Wow, what a bunch of meatwhippers. Its cute you want to propose to your girlfirend, but leave the fire department out of it. Broaden your horizons, get a life, and stop abusing your position for personal gain.

    Get ready for all the dingers coming in excusing this behavior because "we do it for free". It isn't a free pass for incompetence or abusing equipment.

  • BH

    I think they're both pretty dumb.  Setting off smoke detectors?  Evacuating buildings?  One trip and fall coming out of that business would have made some lawyers very happy.  

  • Back stepper

    Is he serious? He asks, what if there were a fire while they were doing this? We'll Mr Supervisor then all the men that were involved would have been home or going about there business. So if a fire had come in they were all in the rig ready to go. For this politician to go to the media makes him a jackass and a real bag of puke. 

  • slackjawedyokel

    look at me look at me

  • Scooter

    Don't think this was a good idea…. lights and sirens… told people to get out of the building….. would not have been so bad if just road up and got off rig and proposed…. but not the other…. could scare people into thinking real incident going on… Strike Da Box ! K

  • ffp20

    In the NY case, the town supervisor had it in for the fire departments for years so i think some of the story is just his way to his last digs in before he left office. He didnt say an damn word about the fd's using several apparatus just weeks earlier in a football team welcome home parade with lights and sirens going and the stoppage of traffic. 

  • 19262007

    How come cops don't do silly shit like this?  Maybe they do we just don't hear about it, but I doubt it.  slackjawedyokel said it best.

  • cbj

    So "backstepper" condones ths absolutely immature and senseless act? THIS is completely unprofessional and disgust me. How can anyone defend this?