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Early video: House fire in Brooklyn

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Early video from edrabindotcom a fire around 7:30 this morning at 519 East 5th Street in Brooklyn.

NY Brooklyn 5th Street 1-2-14


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  • in-training

    Would love to see the helmet cam at 15:03!

  • FFHinkle

    I was watching and waiting for that great big vent opening and then…. video ended… That roof looked fun to work on; they needed spiked shoes.

  • Speed Saves

    What a ridiculous concept of operations.  4 minutes to even charge a line, or did I miss it?

  • OH BOY

    What the wah!!

  • Anonymous

    Not a wonder so many firefighters get killed. Why would you put someone on the roof when the fire is burning directly below you and the fire is already venting. Doens't make any sense.

  • Anonymous

    They had no business being on that roof.  TL bucket was up.  Why not just work safely from there?  

    • Fire21

      I'm with you on this one.  With the time that the fire burned prior to them getting on that roof, I agree, they had no business being up there.  Granted, it looks like older construction, thus greater strength, but I think the strength was possibly compromised by the burn time.  And they were up there well before an auxilliary egress was established.  Just use the aerial.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous… Are you a fireman?  You've never been on a roof with fire burning below you??  Pretty much the definition of the roof position.  That's why experience is so important.  Hope I don't ever work with you.

    • Anonymous

      Those tactics are very old school. Much better and safer ways of fighting fires now days, especially in buildings that will be bulldozed the next day due to extensive damage

    • Anonymous

      I am a career firefigher and have been for 20 plus years and we stopped putting people on roofs and are still able to extinguish very successfully. Why are so many departments still putting their members at risk when it is so unnecessary. The fire was venting already. Positive pressure ventilation would have worked just as effectively and saves you risking firefighters up on the roof. I don't think I would want to work with someone like you as well as I want to go home at the end of the day.

    • Anonymous

      You must be from a department in the United States. Ever wonder why so many firefighters down there get killed, god rest their soles. Its because of stupid decisions by the officer in charge putting them on a roof that has a fire burning directly below them and is venting already. I thought the purpose of cutting a hole in the roof was to release smoke and heat. Looks like its already doing that by itself with out members being on the roof. The officers on the scene of this fire better re-evaluate their positions and ask themselves why they are putting so many members lives at such unnecessary risk. Oh and yes I am a 20 career member in the fire service and god help any of us if we have to work with you. Be safe out there brothers.

  • anon

    You anti roof guys are out of touch.  Obviously not aggressive urban fire dept's.  At least I hope not.

  • FIrechet

    Wear your air.  Plain and simple.  Its free!


  • Anonymous

    You all crack me up. Learn how to do your job and you would be able to save a house and keep it from being “bulldozed”. These houses and what’s inside is all these people, that are barely holding on, have in most urban environments. Learn to read your smoke and do your job. If you use positive pressure as one of you idiots suggest, not only would you have burnt that house into the basement, I would put $50 on loosing the next house that’s 5 feet away.

    While there was some sad truck work being performed. Study your craft and learn your trade instead of sitting on the computer and recliners. Check your “safety”, you’re teaching guys not to learn how to do the job right and that kills people too! Just say you’re too lazy to learn your trade and get the hell out of the way but please don’t promote. There are enough want to be chiefs that don’t know what they are doing. We don’t need any more.

  • Kevin

    Kudos to the videographer who held his or her shot and didn't talk or breathe. Terrific footage. And wide too, so you could see half the fireground.

  • Anonymous

     Haven't burnt a house down yet using PPA. Guess the old school guys should go back to school and learn the new techniques, especially the officer in charge who put those guys up on the roof. Try it, it works, unless the building is fully involved then surround and drown but putting guys on a roof like that is absolutly retarded, like the guy who thinks he know its all by calling people idiots.