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Early video: House fire in Palm Bay, FL. Third fire in same home since June

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Video from towing76 of a house fire late Sunday morning in Palm Bay, Florida,

Brevard News-Journal:

At approximately 11:15 a.m. Sunday firefighters from Palm Bay Fire Rescue and Brevard County Fire Rescue responded to the 1100 block of Sloan St. for reports of a structure fire. When firefighters arrived there were flames through the roof.

The Palm Bay fire marshal responded to the scene to begin the investigation which revealed the fire was deliberately set with multiple points of origin. It is the third fire at the residence since June.

FL Palm Bay house fire Sloan Street


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  • Harvey Glick

    Why did they layout after the fire was out? Is that their Plan B?

  • Glad-I-don’t-live-there

    If that safety chief in the white suv drove over, and parked on my manicured lawn because he was too lazy to walk 50 feet…..he would get my size 13 right up his a** and the city would get a bill to fix the lawn !!!


    • Gary

      i really hope you are joking. 


    • They-are-glad-you-dont either

      forget the fact that there is a working house fire with these men and women risking their lives, by all means, let's worry about your manicured lawn. self-important d-bag

  • Ohio FF

    ummmm,, just because you have a badge does not give you the right to trash someone elses property. In this video you can see there is plenty of pavement to park on. Damaging property is not called for. A little respect for the owners would go a long way.