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Helmet-cam video: House fire in Clinton, MO

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Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz spotted this video from Matt Willings of a  house fire at 310 North Third Street in Clinton, Missouri at 8:15 Tuesday morning.

Clinton Daily Democrat's Facebook Page:

When firefighters arrived just after 8:15 a.m. they found the structure heavily involved. With little to no wind they also had to contend with thick smoke that hung over the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

According to Fire Chief Leo Huff, the lone occupant, a female, said she was sleeping on a mattress inside the house with a candle burning. Also reported was a propane heater inside the home. She was awakened by the fire and escaped unharmed.

MO Clinton house fire North Thrid Street


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  • Scott

    Solid work by the officer! Good to see him take a look around back then calmly instruct his firefighter. Good job boys. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice job. People are going say, 'oh my god that kink'. Yeah it was. Kudos for the officer taking the time to work with an obvious young firefighter with little experience. Getting him to fix the kink, staying calm and actually teaching him on a live fire incident. Nice job engine officer!

  • Kevin

    That's the calmest officer I've ever seen. Very impressive work.

  • BH

    Would have liked to see the camera come inside with him the first time.  A couple of busted windows wouldn't have hurt conditions either.  Overall, well done.  Excellent display of patience with the rookie.  

  • Dickey

    Good job with the rookie. Very calm….calmness breeds calm.

  • OldCityCaptain

    That is what an officer is……knows his job, does his job. Good job by the young nozzle person.

  • Wizzer49

    Nice job by the officer with a small crew including a rookie. Sure there was a good kink but he took care of it and I bet you the rookie doesn't do it again. I like the phrase Calmness breeds calm, I know a few officers that could learn from that.

    I think many here needed a video with a good outcome!