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Raw video: House fire in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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Video from Don Muh of a house fire today at 8th and Plum in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. No further information.

AR Pine Bluff house fire 1-5-14


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  • Bob P.

    A PPV fan really?

    • Fire21

      Yeah, Mom Nature's already supplying lots of pressure!  It sure was a smokey fire!

  • slackjawedyokel

    Did anyone notice that the older gentleman (AKA pike pole butler) has more pepin his step than some of those young bucks ?

  • Back stepper

    Here we go with the fan nonsense again…it doesn't work people. You know what does though!? Putting water on the fire from the INSIDE! Good thing for that company that it is a short video

    • Fire21

      To simply summarize PPV as "it doesn't work" is wrong.  There are plenty of situations where it does work, and plenty where it doesn't.  Using it for attack is extremely risky due to fire spread potential.  Using it immediately after attack to clear the atmosphere and help search and overhaul crews is a very viable option.

      In the case of this fire, the wind was giving more pressure than they wanted, so a fan was definitely not needed.

      • Fire21

        I have personally seen situations where the fan was set up to assist attack, and the crew was able to literally follow the wall of smoke, with clear air pushing it, right to the seat of the fire.  It doesn't always work, but it sure has on a few occasions! 

  • Mack Seagrave

    Clearly a six foot pike pole would be the tool of choice (not a closet hook) to pull that porch ceiling. That would eliminate the need for the firefighter to have to repeatedly jump into the air to make a hole. Also, if a firefighter is able to hold the attack line in one hand with the bale open fully, the nozzle is not being properly supplied. Structure fire attack requires properly sized attack lines along with properly supplied nozzles. The pump operator must be aware of the need for the nozzle to be supplied with the pressure that it requires (he / she must know if the nozzle flows its maximum at 50, 75 or 100 psi). It's not enough to just open the gate and throttle up some. Bread and butter basics done wrong everyday … very sad to see.

  • roofhook22

    Please tell me they did not start the fan.