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Helmet-cam video & more: Four-alarm strip mall fire in Flourtown, PA

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Above is helmet-cam video from Greg Fasold of a multi-alarm fire on Saturday night at a strip mall in Flourtown, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County). Additional video below from Rick Rotondo and Brian Sullivan.

Tony DiDomizio, Abington Patch:

A 4-alarm fire broke out at Flourtown Pizza at the Flourtown Plaza Shopping Center in Flourtown Saturday night.

Crews responded to the strip mall, which is located in the 1600 block of Bethlehem Pike, at about 11 p.m. 


A community is devastated after fire destroys some long-time businesses in Flourtown, Montgomery County. It started Saturday night at the shopping center along Bethlehem Pike.

Fire officials say the incident began in the kitchen area of the pizza shop and though crews came from a nearby station they found a handful of work when they arrived.

The roof also gave way, but incident commanders say no one was hurt at least four neighboring businesses have smoke and water damage including another restaurant, a hair salon and dry cleaners but the pizza stop is considered a total loss.

PA Flourtown strip mall fire 2 1-4-13

PA Flourtown strip mall fire 1-4-13


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  • F-Amendt

    typical Pa Firefighting,looked like a bunch of idiots. heres some advice if your gonna turn your  helmet cam on make sure you actually follow orders that the white hat gave you such as "pull that back up line" and not just disregard that by listning to some yahoo in plain clothes saying " you go up that ladder" fire was through the roof becuase no FIREMAN were in there pulling ceilings like your suppose to do once fire gets above you. looked like a bunch of pussified tactics as well as fireman…im glad my family dont live in that part of town….

  • MakintheHit

    This place burned from incompetent fireman who failed to complete basic skills. Its a strip mall fire they almost always get into the roof and and try and run. Get in there with a 2 1/2 and make the push. Oh wait that cant be done the first in engine has a preconnect on a reel… Mind blown.  


    shit bags ! horrible display of firefighting. they should just all hang their coats up… i love the SCBA sitting outfront of the door.PISS POOR operations and scared fireman make for great failure! im sure after this fire they all went back to the station and talked up how good of a job they did and told there friends they were in there doing it

  • MakintheHit

    This isnt a typical PA fireground, there are many highly respected departments in this state along with companies who couldnt put out a dumpster fire. Case in point, this display let this be used as a training tool to the young aggressive fireman

    stay low and let blow

  • Anonymous

    I won't get into the bashing…hopefully everyone was safe and sad for the community for the loss of business.  But I've gotta say PA's record on  code enforcement and fire prevention every year is not good.


    Piss poor and if you are going to wear cam then fight the damn fire instead a gopher.