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Video: Fatal house fire in Dodge County, GA.

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Video from Jimmy Joines of a fire Sunday morning in southern Dodge County, Georgia that left one person dead.

Eastern Examiner:

The Eastman Examiner has learned officially that the Sunday Morning fire, previously believed to have two fatalities, involved only one fatality. Coroner Joe Smith said, “Only one person was recovered from the fire and a positive identification cannot be made at this time. The body will be sent to the State Crime Lab for Identification and cause of death.”

GA Dodge County Faircloth Road fatal house fire 1-5-14


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  • Fire21

    According to Wikipedia, Dodge County has slightly over 21,000 residents and 8 fire depts, I'm betting all of them volunteer.  In this video there appears to be a lack of SCBAs, along with the mentioned shortage of water.  I'm guessing none of these firefighters see much fire, so their experience level is probably pretty low.  Combine that with the knowledge on-scene that this was a fatal fire, and the victim possibly known by some of the crews, the stress levels had to be very high on each firefighter.  This didn't look like a top-notch operation, but then, how many do?  They had plenty of issues to deal with, including the stuck engine.  My sympathies go to these people in the loss of one of their citizens.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Why is it that a lack of water is frequently cited as the reason for a poor performance by a fire department who's district is un-hydranted? Rural areas require pumpers with large tanks and automatic mutual aid tanker response upon the initial phone report of a possible structure fire. Regardless of whether there are hydrants or not, a large volume of fire calls for a large volume of water to attack it. This is not the place for small handlines and fog nozzles, it's the place for a couple of 2 1/2's with smoothbore nozzles. Condolences to the families if the deceased … may they rest in peace.