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Video released: Air ambulance crashing & burning in Iceland killing paramedic & pilot.

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Authorities from Iceland have released dramatic footage of an incident that occurred on August 5, 2013, when a small Beechcraft King Air plane crashed at the end of a dragstrip before a qualifying race was about to begin.

Three people were aboard the ambulance airplane when it smashed into the ground, including the captain and a paramedic who were both instantly killed, and the co-pilot, who (amazingly) survived with injuries.


David Cenciotti,

It shows a Beechcraft Super King Air 200, registered TF-MYX, an Air Ambulance flight operated by Air Myflug crashing into a dragstrip near Akureyri Airport, in Iceland.

The plane had transported a patient to Reykjavik, Iceland and was returning to Akureyri when it was placed on hold to the west of the airport, where the dragstrip was being prepared for an air race.

As the footage shows, during a left hand turn, the Beechcraft lost height until it impacted into the ground. Quite surprisingly, of the three people on board, one (the co-pilot) survived the crash.

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  • Fire21

    It's like when crashes happen during car races…they happen so fast you sometimes have trouble wrapping your brain around what you just saw!    How in the world did the co-pilot survive?!  Bless the air ambulance crews around the world.

  • Davidski

    Holy moley how did a copilot survive? was the copilot Jesus?

  • wiliam

    the co pilot may of been thrown from the plane as the plane crashed that may explane why he was the sole suvivor ..

  • Sharppointy1

    Any idea WHY that happened?  I am amazed the co pilot survived.  I hope he wasn't badly burned.

  • willowbay

    That's an awfully low altitude for a plane in a holding pattern.  Also an extremely steep angle of attack in the turn.  I wonder if there were mechanical problems, or something going wrong inside the plane?  A steep angle of turn like that increases your likelihood of a stall dramatically.  The plane also looks like it was going very fast, but that could be a camera angle issue or something.  I'm so sorry for those that didn't make it, and so glad that the co-pilot survived.  Amazing that there was a camera filming the plane from the front (approach) and back (as it flew off down the strip).

  • Tayvl

    From the YouTube vid description:

    "F-MYX Beechcraft Super King Air 200, Air Ambulance from Air Myflug crashes on a dragstrip during qualifying before a race in Iceland.
    3 persons onboard,Captain and Medic killed, Co-Pilot survives with minor injuries. No injuries on the ground.

    Investigation is still active, plane was fully functional and well maintained. This was not an emergency landing. Co-Pilot has not commented publicly but it is known that he made remarks to the Captain about the dangerous flying.

    Captain had requested a go around moments before landing at an airport close by and flew dangerously fast and low heading to dragstrip according to witnesses and crashed. Captain had close connections to the club running the dragstrip.
    This is the Co-Pilot's second plane accident, excactly 12 years prior to the crash he had an emergency landing where the medic that died treated him for minor injuries."

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