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Caught on video: Great moments in driving. One down & fire at the pump.

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In Walpole, Massachusetts yesterday a car struck and seriously injured a service station attendant and then hit the fuel pump sparking a fire.


The incident happened Monday at the 1A Auto Center on Main Street. Surveillance video shows the car veer into the attendant as he finishes fueling an SUV. The impact throws the attendant about 30 feet, knocks over the gas pump and sparks a fire. The SUV speeds away to avoid the fire.

MA Walpole driver hits pump 1

Police said the attendant was taken to Norwood Hospital with significant injuries but is expected to recover. The driver of the car was unharmed.

MA Walpole driver hits pump

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    I saw this on another site which was from a newscast of the event.  The reporter referred to the "explosion" that resulted from the collision.  Nice try with the extinguisher by whomever that was.  Hope the attendant heals ok.

  • David S.

    I hope that the attendent recovers and the old geezer driving needs to loose his driving permit for ever be warned expect some lawsuits coming your way.

  • TNFF

    I like how the person driving the Jeep Cherokee just drove off.  You can see the vehicle turning onto the roadway in the top right.  Must be thinking, I saw nothing.

    • willowbay

      I also see that car driving into the roadway and away.  I wasn't impressed, it looks like he/she is just taking off, not helping anyone.  I saw this incident somewhere else and it said the driver is 83 years old.  Forgive me for not being PC (politically correct), but there should be mandatory testing of the elderly.  How many times lately have we seen that people "of a certain age" thought they were hitting the brake instead of the gas, thought they put it in Park instead of drive, thought they were turning one way and turned another.  Even this guy, it is bad enough he hits the gas and hits the attendant, then he seems to panic and turns left right over the gas pump.  Even after he stops and opens his door, he is not in control of the car and it continues to move forward.  So many innocent people are injured because of "geezer driving".  I hope the attendant recovers, and congratulations to the guy that ran out with the fire extinguisher – good job.