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Early video: More from 4th-alarm at Salisbury, PA Jiffy Lube.

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Previous coverage of this fire

This is a bit earlier video from the 4-alarm fire yesterday at a Juffy Lube in Salisbury, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County) than we showed you yesterday. This comes from Mike Nester of NVP. Click here for two videos we posted yesterday.

PA Salisbury Jiffy Lube 4th alarm 1-6-14 6

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  • Fire21

    Mmmmm, gotta love burning dripping tar!

    And another dept burns the tip off a ground ladder!

  • Anonymous

    Not enough manpower to send one guy to save a ground ladder, and as a earlier comment 4 alarms at a shed fire, unless they have 1 guy to a rig in this county, what a joke.

  • 95%er

    riddle me this:

    if they hadn't showed up at all, I mean not even one mini-pumper, would the results have been any different?


  • snotornot

    Worst utilization of master streams that I have seen in a long time.

  • Joe blow

    Freaking know it All's everywhere I turn! Ahhhhh!!!