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Fire captain extinguishes truck fire with BEER

 TX Houston beer truck fire

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Listen to radio station interview with Captain Moreau


Two comments posted by Captain Moreau after our story ran -

"And no, I didnt bring home a 12pack. I like dark beer."

"I cant believe this has already gotten to national firefighter websites. I just posted it on my facebook last night. If the guy would have had water or sodas in the back it would not have been as popular."

As for my response, Captain Moreau has discovered the world's smallest and most useful fire extinguisher. It not only fits in the palm of your hand, it will quench more than just a raging inferno.


Who needs CAFS when the truck that is burning is carrying plenty of foamy substance itself? According to Houston, Texas radio station News92FM, Houston Fire Department Captain Craig Moreau of Station 41 made good use of a rig's cargo to handle a brake fire. The radio station reports Moreau was off-duty on his way home from Austin with his wife when they spotted the burning truck and stopped to help the driver.


“I asked him what was inside and he said BEER, its all BEER. Just then, the inside tire exploded. I told him to open it up and hand me the beers as fast as he could. I shook them up, and popped a top one at a time until the fire was out and the brakes were cool. Thankfully they were tall-boys. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all, he was so shaken up that the humor escaped him.

“Had he been carrying anything other than easy to dispense liquids I am sure the truck would have burned to the ground”


Comments - Add Yours

  • Wizzer49

    I will argue that since it looks like Coor Light, it is only technically beer and could easily be a substitute for water or finished foam if agitated/aerated properly.

    Some may feel that beer should not be sacrificed for just property but since he saved the shipment (even though it was only Coors Light) along with the truck, I'll give him a pass.

    Kidding aside, Good thinking Cap, Any idea what you were flowing in BPM (Beers Per Minute at the height of the blaze? Were they wide-mouth (smooth bore or regular combo nozzles?

    If he was also carrying real beer, did he offer you any (you know strictly for rehab)?

  • FireGears

    Been saying it for 25 years…

    FOAM IT, BABY.!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not BEER!!!….. Oh the humanity!!!!!!

  • Fire21

    That's why people in trouble call us…we are inovators and problem solvers!! (hic burp).

  • AG

    Rest in peace to those few brave beers who sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of thousands of others in their community.

  • puzzled

    Pumper! We don't need no stinking pumper!