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Multi-camera video: Apartment fire in Harrisburg, PA.

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This is a video from Brian Bastinelli of a kitchen fire Sunday in an apartment on North 15th Street in Harrrisburg, Pennsylvania's Allison Hill neighborhood. Here's some of Brian's description:

Squad 8 arrived to find a three story wood frame apartment building with a fire in the second floor rear kitchen.

This video is a near real time compilation of the Squad 8 dash cam and the helmet cams of Squad 8 Lt. Bastinelli and Wagon 4 Firefighter Josh Winters.

This was a small fire but is a good example of a typical routine 'job' in the city.

PA Harrisburg North 15th Street fire 1-5-14

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Comments - Add Yours

  • UseToBeDC

    This is for ALL departments

    Using A, B, C and D for sides instead of 1, 2, 3 and 4 is going to get someone seriously hurt or worse.

    B, C and D sound too much alike.  For example:  "Mayday, mayday, mayday I am trapped in a room on the B/C corner"
    Commmand to unit with the mayday was that the C/D corner??

    If you say "Well we use Bravo, Delta etc I will put forth that when the sh*t is really on Bravo and Delta will become B and D for brevity.

    And for those who say this is good for "Interagency interaction" I will say why do we have to copy the cops why can't they copy us??  We are always second class to the cops.  And if they don't want to use numbers then that's on them.   Their situations are not as readily chaotic as ours are when it comes to side designations. 


    And if the one time we do have an interagency operation and they can't convert their A, B, C, D to our 1, 2, 3, 4 then they need to check their entrance exams, lol.


    Be safe all and seriously use NUMBERS!!

    • Fire21

      And what do you use for floor designators?  We use Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delts for sides; and numbers for floors.

    • Molly

      Follow the NIMS please, like the rest of the country does.

      Numbers are for the levels/stories/floors, letters are for the building sides. DO NOT use numbers for the sides because they are more easily confused for the floors. People are far more likely to be confused by using numbers for both sides and floors.

      And regarding your mayday example, command will always double check the reported location anyway.

      In my area,we never shorten alpha to A, or bravo to B. Even when the SHTF, we respond like we train, and we train to say the word.

      • UseToBeDC

        NIMS is flawed if they are calling for letters for the sides for the stated reason.

        Again for brevity I shortened the example but what I was pointing out is that there was confusion in where the mayday was.  A mayday… I am trapped on the 1/2 side would not be confused and would be confirmed by command correctly.

        And I have no idea how you could confuse the 3rd floor with Side 3
        Again textbooking getting "cute"

        And I will reiterate that when the SHTF Bravo will be come B because you want to get the F*ck out of there ASAP!!
        No matter how much you trained.


    • Steve in NJ

      Get a grip. Letters are the most commonly used designation of floors in the fire service now. Let me guess, you are FDNY or Long Island, right? Listen, as long as everyone on the fire ground is on the same page you can call them red, orange, yellow, green for all I care. But for the 95% of the rest of us who use letters for sides and numbers for floors, we just say "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie or Delta." Have a great day

      • Steve in NJ

        Just to clarify: Letters are sides. Numbers are floors. Should proof read next time.

      • UseToBeDC

        So those who go to the most fires are wrong??

        See previous post about floors and Bravo vs. B in response to Molly.

        And just because something is "Most commonly used" doesn't mean it is a good thing.  I would refer you to open jump seats and 2/3 man crews in the past.

  • @trucksdue

    Really that’s what you took from this video?

    As soon as it’s a PA video all the key board experts come out to pick it apart. Yeah Harrisburg is a paid department but I will bet most of the guys on this job “volley” at other departments.

    How about strong disciplined work from the brothers in Harrisburg, congrats for doing it right, bring water, size up, SCBA, forcible entry, rig placement, anyone? Oh that’s right it’s from Pa so it is only negative comments to be had here.

    Do not lump all Pa departments into one pile as we are not as horrible as some of the videos show here, and I would be willing to bet no matter what state you are from I can show equally horrible things from departments there.

    • UseToBeDC

      That is not ALL I took from this video.

      I have friends in the area and know they will be viewing this on here and I am concerned for their's and everyone else's safety.

      I was going to lead my comment with the caveat "This is not a criticism" but thought it would be clear by reading the text of my comment.

      Apparantly not!

  • Anonymous

    What's wrong with "front" "rear" "left" "right"?

    • BH

      You're kidding, right?

  • Anonymous

    Why can't I go to the third froor, instead of reporting to Division 3.

    And I think that Charlie Delta Exposure sounds like a band name.

    • UseToBeDC

      It is the third floor and should be called such AT ALL TIMES!!!

  • BCFDHoseHumper

    division 3 side 3… that wont get too confusing. Front rear left right??? what if youre in the rear which is the right? 

    • UseToBeDC

      Division 3 is a Chief


      The third floor is the third floor


      Too much "cuteness" from textbook geniuses will get someone hurt

  • Fire21

    I think this is a cool video.  It shows things being done correctly and sequentially.  Way to go, Harrisburg!

  • Anonymous

    Great video and a great job in a building that was occupied and exposures with what looked like  a first alarm assignment. I am still blown away with 4 alarms for a jiffy lube, what a joke.


  • Steve in NJ

    Harrisburg brothers did a fine job as they always do and always have done. Bread and butter operation. Too bad so many people are getting hung up on what you are calling your sides and your floors. Good work men


    Whether any of us like or not long ago Harrisburg  committed to NIMS compliance and all bureau guidelines & proceedures are written around it. Coupled with the many County's which surround Harrisburg all other SOG's are consistant with bureau terminology. My agreement with UseToBeDC's thoughts ended many many years ago when we had no other option than compliance. This video is just one more example of ordinary people doing extraodinary tasks in a reduced manpower situation. Stay safe brothers! 

    • UseToBeDC

      Change starts with us, brothers

      NIMS is wrong in this aspect and needs to be fixed or ignored. 

      What's the worst they can do? Send a nasty letter??

      Whatever it is it is less than the potential catastrophe the fireground confusion will cause.


      Stay safe all!!

  • Mark too

    I think somebody needs a hug.

  • Former Chief

    Aside from the debate about proper terminology, how awesome is it that we now have real time video, whether it be from dash cams or helmet cams, that enable us to go back and critique our calls and actually learn from the things we do, either correctly or incorrectly, and hopefully continue to hone our skills and improve operations.  That's what I appreciate the most from these videos.  And yes, looked like strong work Harrisburg.

  • Legeros

    The problem with NIMS terminology for building sides is that any firefighter named Chuck thinks he's getting an accolade when the rear left corner's being referenced.

    • Molly